Steal back your time

As an event manager, you’ll notice how the hours pass by rapidly when you’re in the thick of planning, organising and executing your events. And manual processes are the worst time killers – not only do they consume too much time but they’re also fraught with opportunities for error. Sticking to manual means seemingly basic tasks like managing your contact database and delegate registrations will eat up your already precious time, and suddenly there won’t be enough time to do the important stuff.

Embracing an event managing software will automate such processes and ease some of the burden. However, the problem with using a standalone software is that it’ll only help with one particular task. Consequently, you will require a separate software for each task and data needs to be exported and imported from and to various systems. Since the whole idea here is to save time, it seems rather imprudent to make event managers spend their time on choosing software when they could be productive elsewhere.

This is where integrated solutions come to the rescue. Unlike the one-trick pony that point solutions are, an integrated platform helps carry out multiple tasks in a more efficient way. Event management platform like Cvent can handle the entire event lifecycle from start to finish – from venue sourcing to event marketing to the check-in at the day of the event itself and engaging delegates onsite to preparing post-event analysis reports – with ease, ensuring that event managers spend their time fruitfully and build exceptional events.

So why let manual processes and disconnected event technology drain your time?

Check out this Time Savings Calculator to assess how much time your team can save by using a comprehensive event management platform.

Written by Mansi Soni