An Essential Tool For Delivering Better Events

Who doesn’t love technology? I know those of us who’re chronically -addicted to smartphones definitely appreciate the advancements mobile phone technology has made. Since the launch of modern smartphones, the world has seen a frenzy of app creation for all kinds of products and services. People are using apps not only to stay connected and be informed but also to perform everyday tasks such as checking emails, paying bills and connecting to social media.

If you are looking for new ways to make your events more exciting, then why not deliver on that goal by leveraging the device that’s always on hand? With 84% of smartphone users worldwide admitting they are unable to go spend a single day without their mobile device, the time is ripe for incorporating mobile apps in your event marketing strategy.

Low printing costs, higher attendance and engaged attendees delegate engagement – these are just a few of the benefits that are offered by mobile event apps. A smart event app can do more by connecting meeting deliverables with your business’ most critical goals and objectives. It can help deliver greater efficiencies and data accuracy, while at the same time extend your brand reach and provide you opportunities for generating revenue. A mobile app can also turn your event into a breeding ground for game-changing ideas and business opportunities by driving strategic conversations and accelerating innovation discussions. Attendees Delegates turn into event advocates when they useby using mobile apps to share and discuss the event’s key takeaways with fellow attendees.

Mobile apps can help build make events that are more relevant, more social and more personalised. But despite their advantages, planners and organisersevent managers sometimes are reluctant to embrace mobile app technology for their events due to the misconceptions regarding costs, maintenance, timing and attendee adoption.

Take a look at our eBook – Mobile Apps: The New Event Essential, which not only busts these myths but also teaches you everything you need to know about mobile event apps. The eBook also includes tips on how to build a strong business case for event apps, design a smart mobile app strategy, and choose the right mobile app provider.

Written by Mansi Soni