All Hail the Mighty #Hashtag: How to use Twitter to Market Your Event

Want to get people talking about your event? Twitter may be the closest thing to electronic word-of-mouth in the world of social media.

And the great thing about Twitter is that you can start the conversation, but others will take it and run. And, if you can involve some Twitter super users in the conversation, you can broaden your reach to thousands of new prospects.

At its heart, Twitter is simply a public forum where anyone can read, write and share messages (tweets). Messages on Twitter are limited to 140 characters and can be categorised by keyword or topic by placing a hashtag symbol (#) in front of a word or phrase (with no spaces). These hashtags group tweets that are similar or are around a common conversation topic (e.g. #SmartEvents or #EventTips).

But, as with all social media, you need a strategy for Twitter. Why is this your social media platform of choice? Is it highly valued in your industry? Are all the movers and shakers using it?

Here are top 11 tips on tweeting:

• Every tweet should have a purpose. What action do you want people to take?
• Tie in a link to your registration page when and where appropriate.
• Use less of a business and more of a personal voice.
• Don’t broadcast sales messages.
• Be yourself.
• Be relevant.
• Be conversational.
• Provide something your followers can’t find elsewhere – links to behind-the-scenes interviews or sneak peeks.
• Make it shareable.
• People will frequently retweet questions and facts. Use them in your strategy.
• Quotes are always popular and shareable.

For a deeper dive into Twitter – and a complete and definitive guide to using social media for events, download Social Media Checklist: Powering Live Events, an eBook by Cvent for different social media strategies before and during your event.

Have you grown your event attendance via Twitter? Please tell us how in the comments section below.

Written by Mansi Soni