Out with the Old, in with the New (Event Tools)

Too often, event managers add unnecessary and easily avoidable stress into their lives by using outdated event planning tools. Although these tools may once have been state-of-the-art, event technology is rapidly evolving and making old tools obsolete. If you want to be able to keep up and impress your attendees, then it’s time to update your toolkit.

What to Get Rid Of:


Not only are binders heavy and awkward to lug around, they’re not environment-friendly. Go green by ditching the binders and opt for a mobile event app, such as CrowdCompass by Cvent. Your entire event schedule can live within the app alongside speaker information, attendee networking resources, social integrations, additional content information pages, and so much more. You can also monetise your app with in-app sponsorship opportunities. Retire the cumbersome binder and adopt a fresh and easy-to-use mobile event app. Your attendees will thank you.


No one likes queuing. Streamline the event check-in process onsite by using a platform such as Cvent’s OnArrival Self Service Kiosk. OnArrival enables guests to register, check in, pay, and modify their information in a matter of seconds. This process allows delegates to quickly fix a typo before printing out their badges and lets walk-ins register on the spot. The best part of this system is that it eliminates queues. For example, for Cvent’s CONNECT Europe event, it took an average of 15 seconds for an attendee to check in.

The Mic-Handoff Shuffle

You know the scenario: it’s the end of a session and the speaker asks if anyone has any questions. The first person to come up with a question is at the back of the room and the next question is coming from the left front corner, etc. Then, the mic is carried back and forth by a staff member and valuable time is wasted. During that time, the audience sits uncomfortably, waiting for the next question to be asked. This process can be better organised with a mobile event app. With built-in Q&A, attendees can submit questions straight from their phones. Not only does this eliminate the awkward mic-handoff shuffle, it enables shyer delegates to have their voices heard.

Extra Staff Members

Extra staff members are so 2017. If you want to save yourself the hassle of hiring temp workers to answer simple attendee questions such as ‘where’s the bathroom’ and ‘what session is next’, implement a chatbot at your event. Chatbots can be pre-programmed to answer your attendees’ questions. They can even be set up to go beyond the event and suggest local restaurants or activities. Additionally, using a mobile event app helps alleviate the need for extra staff by providing your delegates with floor maps, Q&A, FAQs, push notifications, and more so your attendees can always know exactly what’s going on.

Physical Money

Digital payment forms and currencies are trending and they’re only going to become more popular. If you or your exhibitors have anything for sale at your event, encourage the use of a cash-free system. A tool like Cvent’s OnArrival payment system is easy to implement and allows delegates to pay by credit card. You can also use digital payment systems such as Venmo, Cash (the app owned by Square), or ApplePay. Really want to position yourself as tech-savvy? Allow your delegates to purchase their tickets with Bitcoins.

Implementing just a few of these changes will for sure help you create a refreshed event experience. So go ahead and update your event planning toolkit!

Written by Mansi Soni