Why Small Means Big

Small doesn’t always mean easy. Take events, for example. A small event does not necessarily translate to a simple event. No matter what the size, event organisers have to work round-the-clock to ensure all elements of their events are executed smoothly. They work hard to achieve even the simplest of outcomes. Which is why, for most small-scale events, the registration process is kept fairly simple. This is where tools like Cvent Express come in.

While a ‘simple event’ may be a myth, there are many events (such as workshops, seminars, road shows, trainings etc.) where requirements for the registration process are not too complex. Cvent Express provides event organisers with a fast and integrated way to build simple online registration for these events. It comes with all the features needed to set up event registration in minutes like one-step event creation, drag and drop email design, one-click registration, simple ticketing and the ability to sync registration with other Cvent products. Moreover, its responsive design allows for easy, engaging website navigation.

Another problem with smaller events is that they are often managed separately on a one-off basis. While most event technology solutions help track event spend and its return-on-investment, the fact that these one-off events are managed using separate stand-alone tools makes it hard to get all event metrics in one place. That’s why organisations have a hard time getting a total view of their event programmes. Cvent Express helps solve this problem too. The tool allows planners to consolidate their events of all sizes in one central system, and execute those events with the power of the entire Cvent Event Cloud.

Express was designed to work seamlessly with Cvent’s entire event management suite of products, including its venue sourcing network, OnArrival, SocialWall and CrowdCompass mobile apps.

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Written by Mansi Soni