Debunking the Myths Around Strategic Meetings Management

Every once in a while, we hear some chatter (repeated time and again) around Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) and we’ve realised it’s time we dispel a few myths.

SMM is the evolving practice of applying sound business practices to the enterprise-wide management of meetings and events. SMM as a methodology has seen tremendous growth and development over the past 10-12 years and along the way several myths about SMM have developed. However, by looking at each of these myths in more detail, the facts about them become clear.


SMM Myth 1: It’s too complex and hard to implement.

Fact: By identifying a clear path, identifying logical phases and taking it step by step, SMM can be a simple, logical process.

SMM Myth 2: It’s too expensive.

Fact: Most organisations realise savings of 10–15% within 18 months after the implementation of technology to facilitate the process, making it expensive not to consider.

SMM Myth 3: It only works for large organisations.

Fact: SMM best practices, such as centralised meeting registration, strategic sourcing and delegate registration management, can benefit any size/type of organisation.

SMM Myth 4: Success requires a mandate from the executive floor.

Fact: Many SMM programmes have found success without an executive mandate, simply by rallying internal stakeholders toward services and solutions that make their jobs easier.

SMM Myth 5: Technology is the silver bullet.

Fact: Technology cannot act alone – it is the facilitator for SMM and at the centre of the entire process.


Myths typically evolve out of misperceptions and generalisations about challenges and obstacles. As Strategic Meetings Management continues to evolve and mature over the coming years, more myths and misunderstandings are likely to come up. By seeking understanding and solutions for these business challenges and hurdles in SMM, the methodology will further develop into the standard practice for the management of meetings and events.

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Written by Mansi Soni