Top 5 myths of mobile event apps

Mobile event apps have completely overhauled the way events are managed today. With the time spent on mobile skyrocketing in recent years, going mobile is on everyone’s mind. Mobile event apps have facilitated seamless interactions with delegates and simplified organising meetings and conferences and have become an indispensable tool for event managers to streamline event planning and stay afloat.

However, you may face a few challenges if you decide to take the plunge and go mobile at your next event. How will you convince your boss, and how will you get a buy-in from your team members? Even if you have the approval, the number of event app providers available in the market can make it hard for you to decide which one will work best for you. Here are the top five myths you need to debunk to separate facts from fiction and to avoid playing catch-up with your competitors:

Mobile apps are too expensive

Contrary to popular belief, mobile event apps aren’t exorbitantly priced. The cost of event apps usually ranges between £1,800 to £20,000 depending on the complexity of your event.

You must have Wi-Fi for event apps

Your event app doesn’t need to be constantly connected to Wi-Fi to offer a rich attendee experience. With native apps, you and your delegates won’t require any internet connection for navigating the app and getting all the information on your mobile device. Learn what the advantages of using native vs. web apps are.

Mobile apps are only for big events

Popular mobile app features like attendee-to-attendee messaging and live audience polling are as relevant for an event with only a few delegates as they are for big conferences. Events of all sizes can benefit from easy access to important event information like session details, speaker bios, etc.

It’s difficult to measure ROI of an event app

Mobile apps eliminate printing costs and gather leads in a more efficient way. Interactive event and conference apps provide sponsorship opportunities and meaningful performance insights that can help boost ROI at your next live event. Click here to see how you can measure your app’s ROI.

Delegates won’t know how to find the app

Your attendees will surely use your event app if you create a buzz about it. Five key ways you can promote your apps are: announcements, posters, social media, your event website and emails.

Learn from this infographic created by our CrowdCompass team how to debunk the top 10 Myths of Mobile Event Apps. Feel free to share mobile event app myths you’ve come across in the comments section below and let the conversation begin!

Written by Cvent

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