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Pre-event anxiety often stems from an organiser’s uncertainty about the unexpected. As an event manager, your job involves coordinating what seems like a million different things in a short time. At times like these, even basic tasks like sending invitations, keeping track of attendees, and arranging venue and catering can seem like an arduous undertaking. And when things become this hectic, something is bound to go wrong.

But there is a way to drastically reduce the time spent on carrying out event management-related tasks. When you ask event organisers what consumes the most time in their typical workday, their immediate response is ‘paperwork and documentation’. That’s because these two are crucial for proper event management. Technology can help remove the manual element involved in such processes, opening a world of possibilities for organisers and attendees alike.

And it doesn’t just end at simplifying laborious tasks. Event technology helps with other elements of the event planning process as well, including tasks like sending email invites, following up on RSVPs, sourcing venues, registering and engaging attendees, and collecting feedback and measuring ROI.

Join us for one of our BREAKFAST AND LUNCH SEMINARS in London to discover new technology and solutions that can help do all this and much more, while making your events more successful!


This session will show you how Cvent’s event management platform helps:

  • Save time and money by simplifying your processes over the entire event lifecycle from venue sourcing to delegate management and onsite check-in
  • Prove event ROI by unifying all your data in one single platform and powerful reports
  • Amplify the power of your event by increasing attendee engagement with a mobile event app


Cvent’s seminars are a great way to learn more about the planner’s journey during the event lifecycle. During these hour-and-a-half educational sessions, we’ll discuss what’s working for you and what’s not, along with ways you can leverage Cvent’s technology to transform your events into experiences.

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Written by Mansi Soni