5 Reasons to Take Part in the Supplier Showcase at Cvent CONNECT Europe!

Hoteliers rejoice, as Europe’s newest, innovative event technology conference Cvent CONNECT Europe is all set to return to London this October! This annual user conference is where leading names from the MICE industry come together to network and learn about the latest hospitality trends, technologies, and methodologies. And this time, we’ve something new in store that’ll bring your venue’s potential to the next level at the show.

In addition to featuring content-rich sessions led by industry experts, Cvent CONNECT Europe will be introducing a Supplier Showcase that will help you network with event planning professionals onsite, show them your property’s advantages and uniqueness, and help your venue reach a whole new audience of international planners, high-level decision makers, and prospects from all over Europe!

And just in case your boss raises concerns about the price or is unsure about the liability of the investment, we have compiled the most common management objections and listed ways to tackle them right alongside:

“I didn’t budget for this”

Budgeting for the year ahead can be tricky, especially for smaller, more exclusive properties where budgets can be tight. But Cvent CONNECT falls into a very specific category of your budget: MICE business. Purchasing one of our booths at Cvent CONNECT puts you directly in front of high-end planners and is guaranteed to bring you more relationships and business. Last year alone, over €218M in business was sourced by the 2017 Cvent CONNECT attendees across 4,200+ RFPs. That means more targeted meaningful conversations directly with your end customer.

“We’re a very small property, we can’t compete with chains”

We offer properties and chains equal visibility to event planners. If you are a small property with less marketing/advertising visibility joining the Supplier Showcase is more important than ever: with one trip to London, you can market to different planners from all over Europe in two days and compete directly and equally with the biggest players in the industry. Moreover, our brand-new Planner Sourcing Report (hyperlink) shows that Event planners tend to favour smaller venues that offer different and unique experiences, especially for smaller meetings or incentives which represent the bulk of the event industry in Europe.

“It is costly for me and my team to travel to London”

Think about Fam Trips and how much they cost for your property, especially when bringing planners from all over Europe. In comparison, a booth at Cvent CONNECT Europe makes sense: it’s a one-time investment that can eliminate the need for Fam trips, ultimately saving you time and money. It’s the most cost-effective way to showcase everything your venue has to offer, and to make the most out of the face to face meetings with the event planners also visiting Cvent CONNECT.

“My hotel isn’t getting enough MICE business at the moment”

Whether your attention is predominantly focused on leisure, or because your MICE budget doesn’t allow for more targeted marketing to Event Planners, a booth at Cvent CONNECT Europe is a perfect opportunity to expand your reach and realise the full potential of MICE business at your venue. With €1.1B+ sourced in 2017 across Europe through the Cvent network alone and a steady 20%+ increase in RFP volume received year after year, now is the time to promote your venue before your competitors get on board. Build trust with customer planners early on and secure repeat business with them.

“I need to get management approval and build a strong business case”

With over 10 years of experience working with hotels from all around the world, we understand the challenges hoteliers face every day. For that reason, we can help you build your case to request permission to attend. Download our “Justify your Trip” template and pack your request with data that will help convince your colleagues and managers on the importance of a booth at Cvent CONNECT.


To learn more about Cvent CONNECT Europe and the Supplier Showcase, visit our dedicated Showcase page.

Written by Mansi Soni