Upcoming Webinar: Insider Tips for Using the Cvent Platform

The Cvent platform is evolving to better meet the needs of our clients. The Cvent team has been hard at work on Project Flex, and it’s no exaggeration to say we’re incredibly excited for General Availability in October.

With Flex on the horizon, we’re not forgetting the foundation our platform is built on. Our free webinar will walk you through insider tips and tricks for maximizing your usage of the Cvent platform.

Make the Right First Impression with OnArrival

Account Manager Danielle Galloway stresses the importance of an impressive attendee experience from start to finish. “As we all know, first impressions are huge. Cvent has the solutions you need to avoid frustration, increase engagement, and provide better return on investment.” To avoid the collective sighs and mutterings of “What’s taking so long?” at check-in, we suggest using our comprehensive OnArrival solution.

“Check-in might be just a line-item on our internal agenda, but for attendees, check-in is not just part of the event,” adds Galloway. “It’s a critical first impression you make with your attendees, and too often it’s a speed bump in your event.” OnArrival offers a one-stop experience for badge printing, session check-in, signature collection, and much more. The best part? It can reduce check-in from minutes to mere seconds.

Looking for More Cvent Insider Tips?

Cvent is always excited to share coveted tips and tricks directly from our product experts. Whether you are looking for ways to optimize the mobile experience, automate attendee emails, or source venues with the Cvent Supplier network, we have the answer. Check out our free webinar below!

WEBINAR: Cvent Platform Overview: Best Practices and Product Features You Need for Your Next Event  

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