Plan Smart: 5 Ways to Protect Your ID on the Road

In the planning business, dropping into a far-flung city for a quick meeting or site survey is just another day at the office. However, in the fog of pre-dawn check-ins, TSA pat-downs and valuables flying down the belt and out of site, it’s a wonder we’re able to hang on to everything – at more

Luxury Ski Resorts....With a Tropical Twist

For corporate groups with a mixture of ski buffs and armchair athletes, finding a resort that hits the mark for everyone can be challenging. We've combed the Internet for a couple of examples that show it can be done. Zao Onsen Ski Resort (Japan) Guests can sooth sore muscles basking in the more

Corporate Travel Savings – Should you split the pot?

There is a new game in town when it comes to driving savings in your corporate travel program – how about sharing the savings with your travelers? As a traveler you beat the budget and the savings you achieve is split between you and the company – good idea or not?  This certainly takes more

You Really Like Us: 56.4 Million Visitors Make NYC a Top Destination

Every year, during the dark, short and cold days of late February, the Mayor's Office releases its annual tourism report for New York City – and for several years, the picture has been a pretty sunny one. Throughout Mayor Mike’s reign, the numbers grew ever upward and that impressive annual more

Multiple Streams of Revenue for Event Planners

I remember attending a workshop a few years ago for entrepreneurs. The speaker was talking to a group of (mostly) software engineers and app developers and was encouraging them to think about how they could develop multiple streams of income for their companies. Monthly subscriptions, more

Incentive Destinations: U.S. Virgin Islands

For corporate groups seeking a sun destination where Americans can travel without a passport, U.S. Virgin Islands, one of 6 inhabited U.S. unincorporated territories, is definitely a destination worth considering. With many direct flights from continental U.S., these tropical Caribbean islands more

Atlantic City: Meet Space, Meet Style, Meet AC

Atlantic City has everything in a destination you need for the perfect East Coast convention, trade show, or meeting.  You’ll find first-class meeting facilities at the Atlantic City Convention Center and at the casino hotels throughout the area. Located in the heart of the country’s most more

3 Stand-Up Desks to Boost Productivity and Health

When the doors close, guests are seated and the conference is in full swing, usually the only person still circulating is the planner. There’s always something to do and keep us in motion throughout those on-site days. Between events though, the actual planning portion of the job is a sedentary more

Meetings 411: 6 Tips for Quick Set-up

If it seems that set-up time is shrinking, you're not imagining it. Whether you're planning off-site or onsite meetings, space is often at a premium. With back-to-back meetings booked at popular venues, unless a client is willing to pay to to ensure early access to meeting rooms, set-up is more

Optimizing Your Event Schedule for Larks, Owls & Hummingbirds

According to Michael Smolensky and Lynne Lamberg,  authors of the book, The Body Clock to Better Health... Approximately 10% of us are larks, those "up at the crack of dawn" folks who enjoy their best moments (and best thinking) in the morning. Another 20% are owls, preferring to start their day more
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