10 Ways for Meeting Planners to Recharge After Events

ReflexologyYou've worked for months or maybe even years to pull together an event. It's over and you're feeling it...a mix of exhaustion and exhilaration. Even if an event went incredibly well, it's not unusual for a touch of melancholy to set in. It's normal and nothing to worry about. It's just your body's way of signaling that it's time to switch gears and take a break.

Before charging ahead with your next project, it's important to take a break to recharge your batteries. Here's how.


  1. Get your home and office in order. Sometimes in the rush to pack and get everything ready before heading off for events, things can get a bit disorganized on the home-front. Schedule housekeeping service in the afternoon of the day before your departure. This will ensure that you return to a setting that's in order so that you can rest.
  2. Prepare and freeze a number of meals to cut down on your workload when you return home.
  3. Pack a couple of your favorite CDs or DVDs (or download some of your favorite tunes onto your iPod or smartphone.)
  4. Arrange to stay at the hotel or resort for an extra night or two.
  5. Build a buffer of a few days into your post event schedule (for after you've returned home).


  1. Rest. This is the most important thing you can do after an event. Return to your room and soak in a hot bath or Jacuzzi). Then, have a nap.
  2. Rejuvenate. If the event ends at mid-day, fit an evening massage and reflexology treatment (for sore feet) into your schedule. (Some resorts provide in-room service). If the event ended late in the afternoon, book a half day or day at the spa for the next day.
  3. Order in room service and relax with your favorite music or DVD.
  4. Retire early and sleep in the next day if your body requires it.


  1. Explore your destination (or arrange a stopover for a couple of days on your way home).  Pace Yourself. (If your event was closer to home, explore your home-town or take a day trip to a small town.)

    Change of activity is as good as a rest so grab your camera and plan something you never get to do at home.Whether you go to a concert, take in a sporting event, or browse at a local gallery, do something enjoyable but not too strenuous. Don't over-pack your schedule.

    The first long weekend I spent in Dubai was after facilitating a workshop in Mumbai. relaxing at the spa, going on a desert safari, and enjoying a Dhow dinner cruise, I returned home energized by the new experiences.

    During a Paris stopover, exploration of the Louvre, a visit to Monet's House and an afternoon at Versailles did the trick.

    I've taken advantage of time in Malaysia to take day trips to Melaka, Genting, Cameron Highlands, or stroll around Lake Garden in Kuala Lumpur.

    In combination with IMEX Frankfurt, I visited 2 places I had not seen since I visited them during layovers as a flight attendant: Mainz, Bacharach.

  2. Stay near the airport on your last night to avoid the pressure of rushing to catch your flight.
    Fly (or drive) home rested, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

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Photo Credit: Tara Angkor Hotel

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