Artists Delivering the Wow Factor for Corporate Events

Erik WahlIt's been a full month of artistic inspiration. It started when Erik Wahl's keynote at the Cvent Corporate Business and Association Business Summits knocked it out of the park. Then, Michael Buble's concert in Toronto blew me away so much I had to blog about it.

I also caught the performances of not one, not two but 3 reggae legends in Montreal: Burning Spear and the rhythm kings who rule the realm of drum and bass, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare.

It got me thinking. Artists can really inspire corporate audiences to look at their world in new ways. When artists are versatile enough to be equally at home at casual street festivals, intimate receptions and blockbuster stage shows, it's a gift for any event planner.

Here is a close-up look at some artists who have impressed me recently.

Contact Jugglers

Zero Gravity Circus, provided feature entertainment for the Vancouver Olympics. It's easy to see why. They have artists specializing in a range of disciplines including giant stilt characters, contortionists and free runners. I had never seen contact juggling before a contact juggler from Zero Gravity Circus mixed and mingled with the crowd at Canadian Special Events Expo 14.

In case this is also new to you, here Thomas Johansson, who performed at the closing ceremony for the 2012 Para Olympics,  demonstrates how contact jugglers manipulate crystal balls and makes them appear to float and flow effortlessly. Now that's a powerful metaphor for producing results at work.

deVah Quartet

At Ignite Business Event (iBE) Expo in April, deVah Quartet really rocked it. I was particularly impressed by the energy and intensity that Emily brought to her performance.

The quartet consists of Emily on electric violin, Sharon & Moira on an electric 5-string hybrid, and Liza on electric cello. This unexpected combination of traditional instruments with modern technology delivered an electrifying performance.

Michael D'Urzo

In March,  I met up with Canadian Entertainer of the Year Michael D'Urzo at Canadian Special Events Expo 14 in Toronto. Mike merges magic, memory, and illusions and serves it up wish a touch of comedy. He is versatile enough to intermingle with a group at a reception or pull out all the stops in a stage show with high production values.


Naturally7 is opening for Michael Buble during his current To be Loved World Tour. I arrived prepared for an acapella band but was somewhat confused as a drummer seemed to be playing behind the screen. I definitely heard musical instruments. Suddenly, the screen dropped revealing that there were no drums. All of the "instruments" were realistic sounds created by the human voice. Take a peek. It's very different.

David Usher

David Usher is first and foremost an artist. I described the impact of David Usher's Ignite Business Event Expo keynote  a few months ago. Here is a closer look at how he interacts with audiences and brings music into his keynotes.

I'll end with a question: Would you like to have a closer look at the artistic genius of Erik Wahl? I thought you might. He needs no introduction. Enjoy.

Erik Wahl

For more insights into performance, read  #CventCMS #CventAMS Debrief (Part 1): Two Killer Keynotes and  Music, Art, and Inspiration Dazzle Attendees on Day One of #CventCMS and #CventAMS.

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