Tips for Balancing the Needs of Corporate Guests

Welcome Drink and TowelIf you've been an event planner or hospitality industry professional for any length of time, you'll realize that there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" guest experience. Often, when we think of customized guest experiences, welcome drinks, hot towel service and welcome amenities come to mind.

But an important area to consider is to ensure that the needs of singles, couples and families in your party are met. Some resorts have a separate area for family suites, children's pools and supervised programming. Others have special adults-only pools or areas of the beach.

Even if you select a property without these separate areas, you may be able to work with the resort to group the families in your party together and keep the singles in a separate area that fits their lifestyle. Be sure to accommodate families with toddlers or infants on the ground floor so that they don't have to navigate a lot of stairs.

Lifestyle is another important consideration for ensuring participant comfort. We always try to put the party people close together and the quieter guests where they will not be disturbed, but it is particularly important if your client has opted for shared accommodation like villas or suites. Using double occupancy rooms, suites or villas is an effective strategy for keeping a lid on guest room costs but, if not managed effectively, it could backfire.

Generally, the prime contact from the company is able to provide insight into the personalities of participants  so that they can be grouped together. Our company has also found adding specific questions about lifestyle to participant profiles can significantly improve the guest experience. Many North American destinations have bans on indoor smoking. If you are taking your group to some parts of Europe, Asia or the Middle East, it is still important to factor smoking into the equation. If the resort or hotel permits smoking, we ask participants if they are smokers or non-smokers. We also ask non-smokers if they willing to share with accommodation with smokers. This information is taken into account when putting rooming lists together.

What other areas do you consider to balance the needs of various members of your party and customize the guest experience?

For more tips for  customizing participant and guest experiences, also consult Conference and Team Building Tips: Catering to Diverse Learning Styles, Catering to Special Dietary Needs and Luxury Resorts Leverage Social Media to Deliver Personalized Service.

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