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Randi ZuckerbergConferences and tradeshows are some of the best places to keep abreast of technology trends and discover emerging technology. Attendees can pick up ideas not only from exhibitors but also from examples used by keynote speakers and in breakout sessions. Since Sunday, attendees from hotels, resorts, and DMOs have benefited from this opportunity. (Starting today, event planners from corporations and associations will have their turn.)

Here are some highlights.

During her opening keynote, Randi Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO, Zuckerberg Media, provided many examples of technology that has applications for hotels, venues and event planners.

  • Virtual Reality: Venues can give event planners a realistic view of how venues will look with their preferred set-up and branding. Event planners can preview event experiences for clients through virtual reality.
  • 3D Viewmaster: Google and Mattel have teamed up to breath new life into this vintage technology. One application is giving clients realistic previews of destinations and event venues. 

  • 3D Printers: This technology will raise the bar in many industries. These musical instruments were created on 3D printers.

During Marketing Tactics Ignited!, David Deal, Director of Marketing, AV Concepts highlighted 2 tactics for connecting with millennials through technology:

1. The Element of Surprise: Give attendees something they weren't expecting.


  • Surprising 200,000 millennials who attend Comic-con is tough to do. Opening a 270-foot tall, 270° screen and surrounding them with images and video footage created the unexpected "wow" factor.


  • Google achieved the same results with a 570-foot projection screen.

  • Interactive Holograms

    AV Concepts broke new ground with the Tupac Shakur hologram. This technology is now available for corporate events.

2. Immersive Sensory Experiences:

Appealing to all 5 senses (including scent) is a powerful approach to injecting excitement into any event.


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