Checklist for Effective Year-End Team Meetings and Kick-offs

Annual MeetingAs another year draws to a close, it's important for companies to pause, take stock and chart a course for the year ahead. Year end meetings and kick-offs are one of the most effective ways to bring teams on-board.

Year-end meetings don't have to be dry or boring. Infuse the fun factor and keep them upbeat and relevant with an interesting venue, educational content, breakouts, music, videos and entertainment.

Whether it's scheduled for early in the new year or when a company's annual (or quarterly results) are released, this checklist will help meeting planners identify key ingredients for maximizing annual meeting effectiveness.

  • Compare expected performance to actual performance.
  • Review financial statements and projections.
  • Pinpoint and share the factors that contributed to your organization's performance levels.
  • If the company fell short of targets, brainstorm with your team to generate strategies for improving performance for the coming year.
  • Announce targets and objectives for the coming year.
  • Pull the team together with an on-site or off-site team building session.
  • Invite and express appreciation to top tier customers and key suppliers.
  • Reflect on strategies to ensure customer loyalty over the coming year.
  • Express appreciation to top performers.
  • Describe any planned changes in operation including changes in the executive team. hiring plans, new locations, office relocations, mergers, or acquisitions.
  • Unveil new products and services.
  • Rollout plans for training and development.
  • Announce rewards and recognition initiatives including incentive trips.

Be sure to allow enough time for discussion and to give team members an opportunity to express concerns and ask questions. Here is how it can come together.

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