Event Planning: How to Request Career Advice with Integrity

Last week, I discussed unethical event planning RFP practices. We can learn a lot about ethics and integrity from Jakob Buchbjerg and Jesper Krogh Kjeldsen.

With permission, I am sharing an e-mail I received on Monday:

I'm a student from the Kaospilots in Denmark, and I'm working with a client on a business-project exam. My group and I are working on designing a unique setting where our client, an amusement-park, can host corporate events, creative workshops and team building.

We found you on-line....from on line research, you are the only company that offers the same combination that we're working on.

Our question to you is:

  • Will you have the time and interest to have a Skype-meeting with us, where we can ask questions about how you do business and what you offer clients?

Just to be very clear, we are students and this is only for use in our research....

Best regards,

Jakob Buchbjerg
Kaospilot, Denmark
jab at kaospilot.dk

I appreciated his honesty. I was happy to speak with Jakob and his classmate, Jesper Krogh Kjeldsen, on Skype. We spent about an hour discussing team building and event planning. It's not possible to do this every day. You'll find that many event planners will give you advice if you approach them in the right way and they're not busy.

Send a polite e-mail to event planners in your area requesting a Skype call or a short informational interview (face-face or telephone).

Social media has opened up many avenues for receiving career advice.


  1. Join a LinkedIn group. Start a discussion.

    For example, Event Planning and Management has regional subgroups (Canada, New York, Europe-West, Caribbean, Latin America) and 2 career-related subgroups:
    • Career Advice Subgroup
    • Student Forum
  2. Post a question in Q&A.

    You'll get many answers. (In your question, ask respondents to indicate if they would be open to a Skype chat.)
  3. Post a survey. Share it in LinkedIn Groups.


  • Participate in Twitter chats.
  • Ask relevant questions.
  • Build your network
  • Ask followers for advice.


  • Post a question.

Kudos to Jakob Buchbjerg and Jesper Krogh Kjeldsen. It isn't easy to find team members with high integrity. Smart companies in Denmark would be wise to offer these students a summer internship, co-op placement or job upon graduation.

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