Corporate Events: 9 Superb Supplies for Green Events

Visiditor Green Box SolutionDesigning green events should never be approached in a piecemeal manner. From venue selection to recycling, it is important for corporate event planners to have a full strategy in place to drive decision-making and shape the event.

Once there is buy-in from the client, venues, and all parties involved, then it's time to select resources and supplies to help you execute it. Here are 9 ideas.

1.  ViridiSTOR Green Box Solution

Ideal for trade shows and small conferences, Green Box Solution by ViridiSTOR reduces the cost of printing conference material and significantly reduces waste. Here is how it works.

  • Upon arrival, attendees are given USB drives.
  • As they visit exhibitors or trade show booths, the USB drives can be inserted into the copier.
  • Desired brochures, pamphlets, and presentations are copied on to the USB drives.




2. Eco-Design Filtered Water Stations

Purified water stations, carafes and glasses can eliminate or reduce the use of  plastic water bottles in guest and meeting rooms.

Ovopur Purified Water StationCarafes and glasses


Available from the Green Event Shop, the following compostable cutlery, dishes and straws are excellent resources for event planners.

3.  Potato Starch & Soy Oil CutleryCompostable Cutlery

Made from potato starch and soy oil, this compostable cutlery is:

  • sturdy
  • attractive
  • reusable
  • dishwasher safe

It's heat tolerant (to 220º F) and it degrades in 90 - 180 days.


Sugar Cane Plates4.  Sugarcane Plates and Bowls

These attractive dishes are formed from sugarcane fiber. They are sturdy enough to hold full portions and liquids like syrup and gravy without leaking. They degrade in 30 - 60 days.

5.  Ecosafe, Bioplastic Bags

Made from bioplastic corn, these biodegradable "trash" liners break down in 10 - 45 days.


Vemeerware Tableware Branch Home has a range of products for sustainable green events, including recycled napkins and bamboo utensils and dishes.

6.  Compostable Veneerware Tableware

From 100% organically grown bamboo, elegantly designed. Veneerware cutlery, dishes and trays break down in 4 - 6 months.

7.  "EcoLogo" Certified, Recycled Paper Napkins

These 100% recycled and fully compostable and biodegradable napkins help reduce the carbon footprint when you want to design green events.


Biodegradable straws8.  Biodegradable Straws

Germany's Greenware Party Goods creates biodegradable straws in a variety of colors and designs at their wind powered manufacturing facility. Food safe soy ink is used for the patterns.

9.  Eco-Tablecloths and Runners

 Greenware Party Goods  also fashions beautiful tablecloths and runners from recycled paper 


Consult Green Meetings on the Cvent Hospitality Blog and the Cvent Green Meetings Made Easy Whitepaper for help in designing and executing your green meetings strategy.

Photo Credits: Executive Oasis International, Green Event Shop, Branch Home, Greenware Party Goods

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