Ignite Business Expo Raises the Bar with Inspiring Decor

Ignite Business ExpoOnce again, Ignite Business Expo has delivered on its theme "fresh, inspiring, insightful + absolutely unique" by presenting bold and stunning choices.

Gone is the  typical bowling alley-style, trade show layout. It has been replaced with creative configurations, eye-popping colors and unique furnishings. 

Here are a some of the key design elements that took decor at Ignite Business Expo to the next level.

Comfortable Seating with Creative Configuration

Comfortable seating that is a dramatic departure from sterile trade show furniture has been evident in all areas trade show booths, networking lounges and the Be-stro and Spark Cafe dining areas.

The configuration of the two presentation venues, Good to Know Theatre and iBE Marquee Theatre, was a refreshing and long overdue departure from traditional theater-style seating and set-up.

Good to Know TheatreiBe Marquee Theatre

Ignite Business Expo Marquee TheatreMarquee Theatre Catwalk

Good to Know Theatre used a catwalk instead of a traditional platform and podium. Dancers and musicians kicked off the first marquee presentation.

Even some of the smaller exhibitors like A2D2 Aerial Dance Cirque Company  and ISES Toronto Chapter departed from standard fare for trade show booths and demonstrated that event planners don't have to break the bank to design a cozy and comfortable setting.

A2D2 Aerial Dance CompanyISES Booth

Simple Color Palettes

A design element that was consistent in all areas of the show as a simple color palette. A number of exhibitors we have already looked at used white or black with one or two accent colors. Even the exhibitors that used vibrant colors opted for a palette of 2 main colors and vivid images. The Jamaica and Cayman Island booths used this approach.

Jamaica BoothCayman Islands Booth

Greenery including hedges and plants by Landscape Sculptures and strategically placed balloons in all shapes and sizes added a splash of color to the booths and feature areas of the trade show floor.

Ignite Business Expo LoungeLounge

Smooth Lines and Sleek Design

Another consistent design element that was evident in booths right across the trade show floor were the sleek design and smooth lines that were selected for the furnishings and fixtures. This was reflected in both modern and more traditional feels For example, compare the Allstream Centre booth with the Toronto Convention Centre exhibit.

Allstream Centre Booth

Toronto Booth

To raise the bar for your own events, keep some of these decor and design elements in mind.

For more highlights from Ignite Business Expo, also consult Sizzling Start for Ignite Business ExpoCanada MeetWeek to Bring Toronto's Meeting Industry Together and Ignite Business Event Expo: 8 Creative Sparks for Your Next Event check back for more reports fro the trade show floor.

Photo Credits: Executive Oasis International

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