#IMEX14 Event Ideas: Fun and Games

Tech Start-up Contest WinnerWhen guests attend the same corporate events annually, it's important to keep their experience fresh and exciting. Fun and games entertain during social events, make great energizers, and add variety to team building and training.

Here are 6 fun ideas from in and around IMEX America 2014:

  1. Selfie and Photo Stations with a Twist
    Guests welcome the opportunity to tweet selfies and share them on Instagram. Unique selfie and photo stations really amp up the fun factor. This is precisely what Holland did  to reinforce the "Dreaming of Easy Accessibility" campaign. One station was for group photos. At another, guests looked like they were resting and dreaming in bed.

    France had photo ops against a backdrop of the Eiffel Tower during the Euro Block Party.

Selfie Station at Holland BoothFrance Photo Stop


  1. Contests
    Who doesn't love a contest? IMEX had many:
    • Selfie Competitions: Speaking of selfies, a selfie contest adds excitement to any event. The Swiss and Las Vegas booths had selfie contests.
    • Tech Startup ContestStart-up Competition: Julius Solaris of Event Manager Blog hosted the event tech start-ups contest. 10 start-ups presented 2 minute pitches to win a booth at IMEX America 2015. Liz King, Miguel Neves, Brandt Krueger, and Dahlia El Gazzar formed the team of expert judges that selected Speecheo as the big winner.

      For team building, corporate teams can brainstorm, generate solutions to resolve specific business challenges, pitch them to a senior management team...and have fun doing it.

Lindsay Owens, DMC Network Ovation Talent ShowPaul Miller, Spectra UK


  • DMC Network and Ovation Singing Idol Contest: In the weeks leading up to IMEX America, exhibitors, attendees and hosted buyers were invited to submit audition tapes. Contestants competed in an Idol-style singing contest. The winner received a 7-night trip to Europe.
  1. Swiss Slingshot
    Swiss SlingshotIMEX attendees can always count on the Swiss booth for fun.

    During the Euro Block Party, booth visitors their luck with a childhood favorite for many boys...a giant slingshot.

    The targets? Wooden cows and mountain goats.

    The prizes? Lindt chocolate bars, of course.
  2. MGM MGMopoly
    MGopolyMonopoly, another childhood favourite, is guaranteed to please just about every event attendee.

    A giant MGMopoly, board completely covered the back of the MGM Resorts International booth. MGM Resorts International created this custom, online Monopoly board to raise awareness about their properties.

    At stations with Internet access for various devices, booth visitors had a chance to get in on the action.
  3. Game Stations
    Lacoste Live FoozballI've previously discussed the impact of giant board games. Original game stations can be used for social and educational events. Full of fresh ideas from IMEX America, I spotted an IMEX America attendee playing at this foosball station that was part of a campaign for Lacoste Live at the Las Vegas International Airport.

    At IMEX America, the game of choice was bowling with a portable bowling alley on the trade show floor.

    For training and educational games, guests can be rewarded with a chance to play every time they get a correct answer. Video games like Ms Pac Man will appeal to Boomers while Millennial will welcome the opportunity to re-play childhood favorites like Playstations, Nintendo or Gameboy.
  4. Rose Petal Drops
    Balloon drops always add the "wow" factor to events. Four Seasons Hotels brought their "Red" theme to life with a red carpet, fire dancers, the word "red" lit up in giant letters. For their ultimate crowd pleaser, they dazzled guests with rose petal drop...from a helicopter. The petals floated in the pool to add a red touch for the rest of the evening.

Four Seasons Red Party, IMEX America 2014Four Seasons Red Party IMEX America 2014

I hope that these 6 ideas from IMEX America and Las Vegas will provide inspiration for your own events.

Photo Credit: Corporate Events, Executive Oasis International

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