Event Planning Career Tips: Are Job Applicants Forgetting the Basics in the Internet Age?

As the Group Manager for LinkedIn's oldest and largest event planning and management group, I've noticed that job applicants are forgetting the basics. To respond to event planning job postings, they are simply typing the following and clicking "Add Comment":

"Hi I'm an event planner in Toronto with 10 years of experience. I'm interested in this event planning job. Please e-mail me at______"

An even worse response to a posting for Toronto event planners is:

"If you ever need event planners in Bangalore, please contact me at ______"

This is an unwise strategy for so many reasons.

  • It is unimpressive.
    You will never be taken seriously if you put minimal effort into your response.
  • The onus is on the hiring manager to contact you for basics.
    In a buyer's market when there are far more candidates than jobs, do you really think a manager will make the effort to reach out?
  • It's respectful to other group members.
    They have to wade through a sea of responses to find pertinent job information.
  • Your boss may be reading.
    Are you ready to alert your boss to the fact that you're job-hunting?
  • You're leaving yourself wide open for spam.
    Spammers lurk, troll groups and harvest e-mail addresses.

It's time to return to the best practices of the pre-Internet age.

  • Study the job posting
  • Uncover key skill requirements.
  • Identify your specific achievements that correspond to each skill.
  • Compose a concise, customized broadcast letter.
  • Send it via e-mail or direct message to the contact specified in the posting.
  • For on-line job postings, cut and paste the broadcast letter into the cover letter space.
  • Copy the broadcast letter on professional stationary. Mail it to the company CEO with a copy to the contact.

This takes a bit more effort but you will greatly increase your chances of getting an interview for an event planning job.

A thin but powerful, out-of-print book called Executive Jobs Unlimited by Carl R. Boll covers broadcast letter basics. It's available at libraries, book stores, Amazon, and EBay.

Hiring managers, are job applicants forgetting the basics when responding to Internet postings?

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