5 Ways to Keep Venues Warm During Winter Events

Caribou Coffee Bus Stop OvenClearly the winter chill isn't going to let up any time soon. Even areas that don't normally get winter are experiencing colder-than-normal temperatures. So, for event planners, it's important to develop creative ways of staying warm.

Whether you are heating a lounge, patio, tent, or outdoor waiting area, there are high tech and low tech solutions.

We've combed the Internet to bring you some of the most creative ideas for keeping event spaces warm.


Fire Pits

They're warm and portable and there are a variety of fire pits for indoor and outdoor use. Festivities Event Rental in Minnesota used this glass enclosed indoor pit for a lounge overlooking an ice rink.

Indoor Fire PitGiant Fire Pits


For another event, giant fire pits created warmth and spaces for group bonding on a patio. As a bonus, interactive activities like making s'mores can be arranged around a fire-pit. Notice the giant propane heat lamp in the upper right corner of the photo? They can easily be used in a outdoor spaces to give off heat. The sheepskins, some as used as throws that guests could use for wraps and others covering hassocks were a great touch.


Portable Gas Fireplace

Portable gas fireplaces, like this 2 sided Milano fireplace by Italy's Italkero, create a high-end ambiance compatible with a luxury events. They have a long flame view, similar to widescreen cinema screens.

Portable Gas FireplacesGas fireplaces


Compressors and Tubes

If you ever need to heat up a tented areas, a compressor with tubes can quickly warm up an area. This was spotted behind the scenes in a tented area where culinary demonstrations were taking place at a county fare.

Compressor and Tubesheating compressor and tubes


Overhead HeaterWall Mounted Timed Heaters

Wall mounted timed heaters are popular in bus shelters and equestrian center lounges.

Serendipity 3 at Caesars in Las Vegas also uses them to heat their verandah during cool evenings.


Creative Use of Heating Coils

Finally, some inspiration from the world of advertising. Heaters come in all shapes and sizes.

Check out these bus shelter heaters. Colle+McCoy agency came up with the creative bus shelter with real heating coils to promote Caribou Coffee in Minneapolis (top photo). Duracell made the technology interactive and added the human touch.

With a little bit of imagination, this technology can be customized to fit a variety of event themes. It's a perfect way to create an area for people to warm up when they are participating in outdoor activities or waiting for shuttles to arrive.


For more tips, also consult, 15 Ways to Ensure Guest Comfort During Winter Events, Winter Team Building: 15 Tips to Keep Participants Active and Warm.

Photo Credit: Terry Brennan (Colle+McCoy), Festivities Event Rental, Minnesota,Italkero Executive Oasis International Team Building

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