5 Ways to Keep Your Cool as Temperatures Soar

Bateaux MoucheLast week it was a scorcher in Montreal and Toronto. So what can corporate groups do to keep cool when temperatures soar?

1. Go Rafting

There are many ways to raft from floating on a bamboo raft in Thailand, Malaysia or on the Rio Grande or the Martha Brae in Jamaica to white water rafting on the Ottawa River or in Banff in Canada. Montreal now has rafting and jet boating on the St. Lawrence or at the Lachine Rapids.


2. Take a Cruise

Small CruiseWhether it's a-45 minute cruise around the harbour or a full dinner cruise in the river or on a lake, creek, or the sea, it's guaranteed to cool groups down rapidly.

Bateaux Mouches, which has been operating in Paris on the Seine for over 60 years, now also sails in Montreal and in Dubai (where it's called Bateaux Dubai). If groups are heading to the Caribbean this summer, they can take their pick from Cool Runnings Catamaran in Jamaica and the Jolly Roger in Barbados.

3. Go Tubing or Canyoning on a River or Waterfall

Tubing is available at the Elora Gorge in Ontario. For canyoning, head to the Hatta rock pools in United Arab Emirates or the hills in Switzerland, Austria, France, or Japan. What's the difference? For tubing, participants lie on an inner tube (tire). In canyoning, you're the tube.....

4. Cool Off at a Waterpark

5. Cool down in a snow house or indoor ski resort

A number of new ones are slated for development. The Cvent Event Blog will keep you posted. In the meantime, here is Snow Factor in Scotland.

There you have it. Also check out 6 Places to Keep Your Cool as Temperatures Soar.

Where do you take corporate groups to cool off when temperatures soar?

Photo Credit: Executive Oasis international

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