Leveraging Technology to Experience Asia's Historical Sites

Images of SingaporeEver visit a historical venue or destination with many historical sites and wondered what it looked like "back in the day?" Now, thanks to technology, a number of Asian interactive experiences are demonstrating that this is increasingly possible. Here are some examples:

Images of Singapore

Images of Singapore is an interactive museum on Sentosa Island, tracing Singapore's evolution through full size replicas of historical city blocks, buildings and rooms, life sized wax figures, and small models that you can walk through of Singapore's attractions, the iconic Merlion, Chinese shophouses, historical Hindu and Buddhist temples.

Special events like Chinese New Year come to life. Historical events also come to life. For example the 2 chambers of surrender have life sized figures juxtaposed with historical film footage of the actual events that took place. Visitors will learn about historical figures and the diverse cultures that have shaped modern Singapore.

Images of Singapore which is continually being updated to keep abreast of new attractions and sites. For example, the Spirit of Singapore boat ride takes visitors through a replica of the modern Singapore skyline and some of the new attractions.

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Hong Kong Museum of History

The Hong Kong Museum of History, located next to the Hong Kong Science Museum, traces Hong Kong's history from prehistoric to modern times. Hong Kong's history comes to life with life sized wax figures, photos, scaled models, graphic panels,interactive multimedia exhibits, and scaled dioramas. Full sized historical streets and smaller versions of modern buildings are re-created.

What's Ahead

Virtual 3-D Tokyo Tour

The Asahi Shimbum recently reported that, for the 2020 Olympics, leveraging the technology of Seiko Epson Corp, Japanese DMC Kinki Nippon Tourist Co. will use 3-D glasses to give attendees a glance of how Tokyo looked when it was known as Edo.

With the glasses, a 3-D computer-generated image of the venue and surrounding areas emerges. 3D historical tours will incorporate visits to the Imperial Palace, historical sites that were destroyed during World War II, and even the archaeological site in Fukui Prefecture where prehistoric animals will again roam.

To learn more, read 4 Interactive Attractions to Explore Asia's Rich Cultural Heritage.

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