Luxury Train Travel for Corporate Events

Luxury TrainWhere can incentive travel planners find crystal, china, fine linen, gourmet cuisine, and exotic destinations? Ever since Agatha Christie penned Murder on the Orient Express, there has been a fascination with luxury trains. While the rise of the airline industry has reduced train travel, unique journeys for corporate events and incentive travel are still possible.


The original Orient Express made its last trip in 1977. That same year, two cars were purchased at a Sotheby's auction and refurbished. Since 1982, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express has been traveling from London to Venice. Istanbul, Bucharest, and Budapest, part of the original Orient Express itinerary, have since been added. Charters can be arranged for corporate and special events.

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Since 1993, the Eastern & Oriental Express has traveled from Singapore, through Malaysia, Thailand, and Laos. Its luxurious decor recaptures the golden age of luxury train travel and blends it with modern amenities.

German Audio with Stunning Footage


First class on a Shinkansen in Japan offers modern luxury travel service. Operated by Japan Rail (JR) Shinkansens are sleek and modern. The first time one flew past me in the station, it took my breath away. On board, I was surprised that the journey was so smooth.

North America

If foreign travel is not in the budget, corporate event planners can still access luxury train travel with gourmet meals, luxurious amenities and an affordable price tag. VIA Rail Canada and Amtrak have first class cabins. For large groups, it is possible to charter railway cars.

Pick your journey and create one of the most incredible team events your staff will experience.

Search the Cvent network for hotels and resorts at your starting point and final destination.

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