12 Tips for Setting Up Magnificent Media Centers

Media CenterFor some meetings, corporate events and conferences, media exposure is crucial. This can include coverage by newspapers, magazines, blogs, Internet portals, TV and radio.

I have now had an opportunity to take advantage of press center facilities in a number of conferences, meetings and trade shows to file Cvent Blog features. Based on this experience, here are 10 tips for setting up the perfect press center.

  1. Location, Location, Location. Be sure that the press center is close to the trade show floor or meeting venue so that journalists and bloggers can easily pop into it to file their reports. Select a location on the same level as the venue or with elevator access. There may be a need for journalists to bring equipment and a lot of stairs can be a problem.
  2. Locate the room for press conferences and briefings immediately adjacent to the media center and, if possible select connecting rooms. Provide a list of scheduled press conferences and briefings.
  3. Never provide an artificial setting when a the real McCoy is available.
  4. Provide a photo backdrop for interviews in the room where press conferences are taking place.
  5. Ensure that lunch, water and refreshments are easy to access. These can be complimentary or for purchase. Deadlines can be tight and the time to grab lunch can be short. Even if you can't provide refreshments in the press center, select a location that is near an outlet where refreshments can be purchased.
  6. Select a location that is near washrooms.
  7. Provide a bank of laptops as well as outlets and charging locations for laptops and tablets. For some tasks such as uploading and editing photos, a public terminal will not work.
  8. Test and double test the Wi-Fi. Ensure that it works and that you have enough bandwidth for computers, smartphones and tablets. There are few things as challenging as being on a deadline and discovering that connectivity is a problem.
  9. Provide computer printers and also fax machines and landline phones just in case the Internet goes down. 
  10. Ensure that there is technical support so that any outages can be minimized.
  11. Have an arrangement with the event venue to increase bandwidth if what you have allocated turns out to be insufficient.
  12. Provide press releases in digital and paper formats.

For more tips on setting up behind the scenes facilities for corporate events also consult Event Venues: Green Room Selection and Set-up and Event Planning: Crew Meals for the Event Staff.

Photo Credits: Greg Palmer

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