Selecting the Right Season For Outdoor Team Building and Corporate Events

Wrong SeasonsThere are incredible outdoor team building and adventures for corporate groups in every corner of the globe. We have profiled a number of them right here on the Cvent Event Blog.

Unfortunately, corporate groups can end up being disappointed if they select destinations or try to book outdoor activities in the wrong season. To help plan the right outdoor activity at the right time, here is a quick calendar to ensure your group doesn't miss out on activities they want to enjoy: 

The Middle East

  • Mid-October to Mid-November

A full range of outdoor activities including desert safaris, overnight stays at Bedouin camps, oil rig simulations, beach activities, abseiling in the mountains, and outdoor cooking events can be arranged in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Oman, and Jordan. 

  • May and June

In the spring,  it is still comfortable enough for outdoor activities in Jordan including desert safaris, overnight camping in Bedouin camps, beach activities, and sailing.

  • July and August

Outdoor adventures in Salalah are possible as the cooling effects of the Khareef spray a gentle mist across Oman's Dhofar region.


Asia is a vast continent so I will only focus on a few destinations.

Malaysia and Singapore

  • October to Mid-May

If you want to participate in a jungle team building or include beach activities in your agenda, best to schedule your trip between October and May before it gets too hot.  

  • Mid-May to September

This season is typically rainy and there is also a risk of haze when the plantations are burned off in preparation for planting in neighboring Indonesia. During the summer months, head to the highlands in Malaysia for cooler more comfortable temperatures and a haze free environment.


Japan occupies a number of climatic zones.  You can enjoy a range of outdoor activities in the Japan Alps in the winter and also during the summer months when this area will be much cooler than Tokyo. For outdoor activities, your group will be most comfortable  in Tokyo from October to mid-May and  Kyoto from September to May.

The Caribbean

A variety of outdoor activities are available even during the summer in the Caribbean. For example, in Jamaica, even in the rainy months (October and May) it doesn't rain all day.  During hurricane season(between June 1 and the end of November) many hotels offer hurricane insurance that allows you to re-schedule your trip if a hurricane is approaching when your visit is scheduled. 


Canada has such a variety of regions that outdoor activities are available throughout the year.

  • Spring, Summer and Early Fall

As a general rule of thumb, outdoor activities like camping, equestrian adventures including, water based activities, and ziplining are available from about mid-June to mid-September. Up until Victoria Day (3rd Monday in May) there can still be some cool days and temperatures can cool down quite quickly after Labor Day. 

  • Winter

In Ontario and Quebec, winters have been getting warmer.  If you want to ensure that there is enough snow for dog sledding, snow shoeing, snowmobiling, and skiing, it is best to schedule your meeting for January or February.  In Ontario, you would have to head up to the Halliburton area or Algonquin Park to be guaranteed enough snow for some winter activities. If one ventures further North or into the mountain areas or Alberta or British Columbia, the winter season lasts a lot longer. 

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Photo Credits: jmogle

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