What's Cool: 40 Wonderful Winter Menu Ideas

Winter MenuFor winter events, the right menu can be soothing. It can give attendees a sense of warmth and comfort. Menu items can also be decorated or presented to form part of the decor and color scheme for the event.

The most interesting menu selections don't always have to come from winter destinations either. From every corner of the globe, here are a few menu suggestions perfect for frosty winter days.

  • Beverages
    1. Hot cider
    2. Hot mulled wine (German)
    3. Anne's Punch
      It's quick and easy: Combine pink lemonade concentrate with orange juice concentrate. Chill really well. (In each case use one can of water less than the instructions on the can specify.) Just before serving add enough ginger ale to replace the water you left out. (For Christmas and Valentine's events add a few cups of cranberry juice until the punch is reddish.)
    4. Chocolate tea (a Caribbean treat that's also delightful during the winter. For example, Jamaican families that have migrated to colder climates usually serve this at Christmas) - I prefer it unsweetened


  • Appetizers
    1. Winter PresentationsAlaskan king crab
    2. Snow crab
    3. Cold shrimp
    4. Nigiri sushi
    5. Cheese fondue
  • Soups
    1. Butternut Squash
    2. Pumpkin Soup
    3. Italian Wedding Soup
  • ShrimpMain Course
    1. Goose
    2. Pheasant
    3. Duck
    4. Cornish Hens
    5. Rabbit stew
    6. Shepherd's Pie
    7. Spaghetti and Meatballs
    8. Pot au Feu (France)
    Incorporate winter designs and color palettes into the presentation of appetizers and main course fish, meat, and seafood dishes.
  • Vegetables
    1. Butternut Squash
    2. Snow peas
    3. Brussels Sprouts
    4. Parsnips
  • RacletteOther Sides
    1. Spaetzle (German)
    2. Nokedli (Hungarian)
    3. Cornbread
    4. Cranberries
    5. Poutine (Quebec)
    6. Raclette and potatoes (Swiss)



  • Yule Log Reflect a winter theme through the dessert selections.

    Decorate desserts with winter designs. Use yule logs or gingerbread houses for centerpieces. Our dessert suggestions include:
    1. Baked Alaska
    2. Snow Ice Cream
    3. Lemon ice
    4. Berries on a Cloud
    5. Pavlova (Australia)
    6. Triffle
    7. Strawberries Romanoff
    8. Chocolate fondue (a Swiss winter favorite)
    9. Pouding chomeur (Quebec)
    10. Blanc Mange



Bonus: Even for elegant, formal galas, don't be afraid to experiment and have fun with it. Surprising guests with a box of ginberbread cookies or shortbread cookies, pastries or cupcakes with winter decorations is guaranteed to add a touch of fun to any winter event.

Winter Cupcakes


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