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Liz King is a social media-integrated event planner and award winning blogger. As the owner of Liz King Events, Liz runs an innovative firm that creates dynamic branding events integrating the use of social media. Planning events from soup to nuts, she works with her team to create and sustain her clients' brand and enhance attendee engagement. Liz has been featured as a speaker at the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, National Association of Colleges and Employers, ExpoWest/Supply Expo and several other events as an expert on the topic of social media and events. She has also been featured in Connect Meetings Intelligence and Convene Magazine, among others.

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Cvent or any other organization or individual.

10 Task Management Apps You'll Want to Try

Looking to save time and be more efficient? What event planner isn't? Finding the right task management tool for your organization can be one of the most important ways of streamlining your work, but there isn't a one size-fits-all product out there. The way your organization works is unique more

3 Tips for Successfully Integrating Multiple Event Tech Products at Your Next Event

For those event planners who have started to really embrace technology, we find that there are too many products we are using. There's our mobile app company and the registration company. We have a badging vendor and an online networking vendor. Our heads are spinning because we are managing more

Help Your Event Go Viral - Create a SHARE Page

When your event date and venue have been set, it's time to start spreading the word. You set up your registration page, share it with some friends and hope the ticket sales start rolling in. But there is one thing you could be doing to help make sure that your event is super-shareable. Create more

3 Ways to Connect with Influencers

Looking for advice for growing your company or to make a few new connections? One of the greatest ways to propel your business to the next level is to connect with influencers in your industry. But how do you find their contact information and get a response? Here are 3 ways, but first, let's more

The Most Important Aspect of Your Content Marketing Strategy - Consistency

From the smallest of brands to the massive conglomerate organizations, we all are beginning to understand the power of a strong content marketing strategy. We know that to engage our customers, we need to ensure that we have content being shared on multiple channels, engaging our audience in more

2 Cool Tech Tools Every Event Planner Needs for Their Toolbox

Technology can be overwhelming, but it can also really improve the way we live our lives. Consider email for example. While it's completely overwhelming, imagine how much less we'd get done if we were still handwriting letters and sending them via snail mail. (There's a reason it's called more

Opening Event Registration With a Bang

The moment has arrived. You hit PUBLISH on your Event Registration Page and then sit back and wait... and wait... and wait. You're waiting for that blessed first ticket to sell and sometimes it takes a little longer than we are willing to wait for. I know all about being in this position. more

Poolside Working Tips

Ahh - the beautiful summer weather has arrived. At least here in New York. It's only the beginning of June and we've already seen several days in the 80s, which is nothing compared to our friends out west. But what does all this warm weather mean? It's time to start planning for outdoor working! more

TMI Bypass: Creating a Balanced, Engaging Social Event Brand

In this world of social media craziness, we realize that great events have gone social. While it's not a requirement that your event is livestreamed and live-tweeted around the world, we do need to find a way to socialize our events. Attendees like to see the behind-the-scenes preparations, more

Planning an Unplugged Conference

Many event planners dream of a conference where their attendees are completely unplugged - no cell phones, iPads or laptops. No worries about charging stations or attention spans. But is it really possible in this day and age, where people are literally attached to their devices (think more
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