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Content Management Apps for Busy #Eventprofs

If you're an event planner, there are a few things I know about you. I know you are incredibly organized, see things in the big picture and the small details and you're incredibly busy. Am I right so far? If you're like many of us, your office is overflowing with papers and your social more

Sustainable Event Design Begins at Home

Creating sustainability initiatives is easy. It's getting people to comply that's hard. That's why you should define internal sustainability policies at the office before trying to green an entire conference. Understanding what your team has been able to adopt and why will help you explain more

Gamification: 9 Tips for Using Games in Meetings (From the School of Hard Knocks)

Whether you use board games, card games, computer games, social media games, or games in a game show format, gamification can be an effective strategy for engaging participants during meetings, training and development programs, conferences, and team building. When it comes to games, one size more

Why It's Smart to Have Someone "Secret Shop" Your Event

Before I go any further, a disclaimer: As a conference and trade show consultant, secret shopping events is something I do regularly, so I may be a bit biased. We don't call it secret shopping, but at the end of the day, it's an apt description, as I'm immersing myself in the attendee experience, more

Managing Meeting Budgets: 3 Curve Balls

When the Episcopal Diocese of Maine decided to hire a paid keynote speaker a few months out from its conference this year, the move blew a hole in the meeting’s budget. Luckily, the group had a 10-percent contingency fund that covered the cost. Contingency funds are critical for covering more

Why You Should Follow Some Eggs on Twitter

A lot of social media management professionals will tell you that you shouldn't follow Twitter accounts that have the Twitter egg as their avatar. Why? Well, the egg usually indicates that the person is new to Twitter and/or probably isn't serious enough about using it to adequately complete more

Hotel Supply-and-Demand Puts Pressure on Room Blocks

Soaring demand and flat supply are expected to make 2014 a record year for hotel performance, according to a PKF Hospitality Research report released in June, with the trend continuing in the same direction over the next several years. PKF predicts end-of-year hotel room occupancy in the U.S. more

Smart Venues Make Sustainability Easy

The responsibility for producing less wasteful events should be shared between the meeting planner, their sales contacts at hotels and venues, and other vendors. In my next post I'll explore the way RFPs can help planners suss out the greenest partners. In the meantime, here are examples of ways more

Team Building and Temperament

A photo of a Lion and the Zebra taking refreshment side by side from a pool of water, inspired me to reflect on the different personalities and temperaments that need to come together to create effective teams. For teams, it is often said that "diversity is our strength". This is more than a cliché more

The Cost of Being Sustainable

For those just beginning to plan "green" meetings, cost-saving measures abound: eliminating water bottles, using digital guides rather than printed show programs, using silverware instead of plastic forks, etc. But once you pick all that low-hanging fruit, the procurement decisions become more
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