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Two Core Technology Beliefs You MUST Have as an Event Planner

Technology for events has been around for a very long time, long before I was even in the business. But, the intense focus on how technology can be used in the events industy has really become more popular in just the past few years. Still, many people feel completely out of the loop and behind more

Meetings 411: Staying On course for Q4

Earlier in the year, a Cvent blog feature outlined the steps for designing and facilitating year end meetings or kick-offs. The beginning of Q3 or Q4 is the ideal time to pull the team together for a face-to-face meeting to re-visit the goals and objectives set for the year and re-chart your more

Event Design: When to Reinvent the Wheel

Does the prospect of change frighten you? When you’re asked to do something new with your event design, do you freeze up, uncertain where to begin? One of my friends is a talented graphic artist. In his previous job, he designed several magazines simultaneously, never missed a deadline and was more

More Metrics for Measuring Meeting R.O.I.

Measuring the ROI. of meetings and events and pinpointing their impact on corporate performance is an important yet challenging area of focus for meeting and event planners. It's one of the keys to ensuring the longevity and success of the industry in the corporate sector. The CMO Council of more

15 Tips for Welcoming Unexpected Meeting and Corporate Event Guests

Unexpected arrivals usually fall into 2 categories: Guests arriving at an unexpected time (early or late arrivals). Flights get delayed, major thunderstorms of blizzards can wreak havoc with traffic, and at times there are even unexpected delays on subway systems. Attendees who did not more

Top 100 Exclusivity Play: Is It a Fit for Your Conference?

Back in the day, Steve Jobs would hold a Top 100 meeting offsite for Apple MVPs. Getting an invite to this think tank was highly coveted, as it meant your thought leadership and hard work had been noticed. You were now on Jobs' rising star radar screen and would be treated to a glimpse of more

9 Tips for Using Dedicated Meeting Concierges

Last week we discussed the benefits of dedicated meeting concierges for event planners, the hotel, and clients. To ensure that you integrate integrate dedicated concierges into your event effectively, here are 9 tips. Tips for Using Dedicated Concierges Stress the need for flexibility. It's more

Optimizing User Adoption Rates for Your Event Mobile App

So many event organizers invest in a great mobile app for their event. They spend time updating the agenda, speaker list, introducing gamification and refining many other details so that their attendees can engage. However, many events organizers still have trouble earning adoption from more

Meeting Generously: Create a VIP Giving Experience

by Mindy Lallier, Senior Sales Manager, Overland Park CVB Competitors pose for a quick picture before teeing off in the MSP Love Josh Williams Golf Tournament. This VIP event raises funds for the Midwest Sports Production’s Love Fund’s Scholarships. Associating your organization with a cause is more

Meeting Generously: Make It Personal

By Mindy Lallier, Senior Sales Manager, Overland Park CVB Attendees at an event held at the Culinary Center of Kansas City wrote personal notes of encouragement to include with food packages that went to three local charities – Mattie Rhodes Center, Lazarus Ministries and Ronald McDonald House. more
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