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8 Ways to Refresh Your Annual Conference

An annual conference provides the unique opportunity to bond relationships between peers, clients, investors, vendors, and prospective business partners. It creates a stage where people can come together and reflect on exceptional accomplishments as well as opportunities missed throughout the year, more

Bespoke Events and Experiences Essential in Internet Age

In the past, many clients arranged and paid for group excursions for foreign retreats and incentive trips. The benefit of this approach is that shared experiences can be a time of bonding. The downside is that no matter what group activity is selected, it won't appeal to some participants. more

1st Tablet Sales Dip: Time to Double-Down on Mobile Event Apps

You knew this day would come. Tablet sales have been rising fast since market inception (2010 when Apple introduced the iPad), but this marks the first time ever that there's been a sales dip. According to recent stats released by IDC, from October through December 2014, Apple et al shipped more

Could Crowdfunded Sponsorships Work for Your Event?

This event sponsorship idea was inspired by a Newcastle Super Bowl ad, where 37 brands enjoyed varying degrees of exposure in 60-second commercial. Gotta love the clever ways they worked in product placement. Take a look: Brilliant idea and entertaining to boot, but this "Band of Brands" was a more

How to Create Off-Hour Networking Opportunities

By MarketingProfs When it comes to networking at events, opportunities are everywhere. Aside from sessions and exploring the tradeshow floor, attendees go to opening and closing receptions, cocktail hours, and banquets for meet-and-greets. But even still, they sometimes want extra time to more

5 Ways to Engage Millennials in Meetings

Loosely defined as individuals born between the 1980s and early 2000s, the oldest millennials are now in their early to mid 30s. In the largest demographic power shift to hit organizations in decades, over the next 10 years more millennials will be entering the workforce and moving into more

Facebook Fans: The Secret to Increasing Your Event Attendance

The heat is on. You're spotting more events competing for your audience. When this happens, what do many event marketers do? They scout out new lists and segments to pursue. New people to court via digital channels to earn more looks, likes, clicks... and ultimately, more registration YES decisions. more

How to Tell Your Friends They Need to Hire You

From time to time, your friends may ask you for "event planning advice." One question is fine, even two, but when the faucet of queries is pouring at full strength, it's time to gently remind them why meeting planning is a BUSINESS. Here's a handy script for you. Ahem. My friend: From the outset, more

How to Build a Marketing Communications Plan in 4 Easy Steps

So you have something big, really exciting, in store. That’s awesome! I’m so glad you understand the importance of sharing. Tell me: How are you planning to spread the good news? Oh wow, a press release. That’s … interesting. What’s your distribution plan? You’ve got one of those more

Meetings 411: 9 Places to Discover Great Conference Speakers and Facilitators

Finding speakers that are a good fit for meetings and corporate events can be a challenge. Speakers Bureaus represent really prominent speakers including business leaders, athletes, and celebrities. Often they have showcases for some of the emerging talent on their rosters. There are also a more
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