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Conference Sponsorship Power Plays: From Random to Relevant

As we strive to deliver outstanding attendee experiences, our eyes turn to sponsorship. (After all, somebody has to pay for this.)  Yet time after time, sponsorships follow the same, random path: Logos are slapped on every last bit of conference real estate. Yet as logo noise increases, more

10 Productivity Apps for #Eventprofs

I am doing a session today at techsytalk LIVE about the 20+ productivity apps every event planner needs. And, for those of you who aren't able to attend, I thought I would share some of the resources here as well. Here are some of my favorite apps, but I'd love to learn about your favorites in more

How to Run a Learning Smorgasbord

We've previously discussed several options for learning smorgasbord formats and how to set up a learning smorgasbord. Some facilitators and speakers have never used this innovative format for catering to diverse learning strategies so here is a simple way to explain how it works. We'll also more

How to Create a Learning Smorgasbord

Participant profiles for an upcoming meeting, conference, or training and development program reveal: there is a wide range of learning styles represented in the group. or the group's demographic profile indicates a wide spread in age groups or other key demographics What's an event or more

Using Social Media to Engage at a Conference: My #WEC14 Experience

It's no secret that I am the crazy one on the Twitter feeds at an event. Yesterday, while attending MPI's WEC, I heard I was in the top 10 all day for most tweets, most engagement, top topics and most pics shared. I actually didn't even know until the day was over. Why? Because that wasn't my more

Why It's Smart to Have a Fast Event Team Debrief Onsite

You're an awesome event team leader and when your hardworking team hits the finish line, you want to give them a much-needed break. They've been working long days for weeks now. You want to give them some time off to relax and recharge. Still, if you can gather the troops, walk the venue one more

Gamification: 12 Ways to Use Games for Meetings and Corporate Events

If care is taken to match the game to the group, games can greatly enhance meetings, conferences, and corporate events. One thing to keep in mind is that "variety is the spice of life"... and it can greatly boost the effectiveness of games. Don't fall into a rut. Games can be delivered through apps, more

Is Sleep Debt a Problem for Your Conference Attendees?

Let's start with a quick video lesson on average sleep needs: Now let's look at a typical day-in-the-life of conference attendee: Wake up call/smartphone alarm rings around 6 am, give or take Meeting lots of industry colleagues today. Gotta look my best. (Where's my hair gel?) Scramble to more

Content Management Apps for Busy #Eventprofs

If you're an event planner, there are a few things I know about you. I know you are incredibly organized, see things in the big picture and the small details and you're incredibly busy. Am I right so far? If you're like many of us, your office is overflowing with papers and your social more

Sustainable Event Design Begins at Home

Creating sustainability initiatives is easy. It's getting people to comply that's hard. That's why you should define internal sustainability policies at the office before trying to green an entire conference. Understanding what your team has been able to adopt and why will help you explain more
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