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Meetings 411: 2 Models for Understanding Group Dynamics

In order to be sure that a meeting is effective and produces desired outcomes, an accurate diagnosis of group dynamics is important. This is the case for planning or logistics meeting during the process of planning events or during the course of client meetings. Here are 2 models to help more

Managing 6 Challenging Meeting Scenarios

Sooner or later, event planners and meeting facilitators encounter challenging meeting scenarios that impact participant engagement. The strategy selected to manage them will determine whether you can keep things under control and ensure a successful meeting outcome. If you can't, there is a more

Planner Smarts: 4 Travel-Friendly Power Snacks for Life-on-the-Go

Having woken up in London, Paris, and Milan at 3 am, looking for breakfast more times than I can count, I've learned the hard way that food on the road and on-demand can, at times, be tough to come by. With wee-hours room service increasingly on the wane (and expensive), I've become more

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting a DMC

In the past, event planners have often engaged the services of Destination Management Companies (DMCs) to effectively serve large groups with events in other cities or foreign destinations. Now, however, with more organizations opting to build flexibility into their programs and give attendees more

Brainstorming During Meetings: Moving Beyond Linear Thinking

Last week I had the pleasure of facilitating a wilderness team-building retreat. In preparation, I assembled some of the tools and models in my team-building inventory, such as mind maps and idea chains. (For those of you unfamiliar with the structure of a typical idea chain, the picture to more

12 Tips for Managing Corporate Event Emergencies

Fortunately, most meetings, conference and corporate events take place without serious emergencies arising. Even so, it's important for event planners to have strategies in place to deal with emergency situations whether they involve accidents, illnesses, severe weather, or fire. Some more

Create the Stadium Effect At Your Next Event

Yesterday was the official opening day for the MLB and I was so excited to spend my time at the Yankees game here in New York. It was a beautiful spring day and though the Yankees lost, it was a great day to be out and experiencing baseball season yet again. To top off a great day, I also went to more

9 Strategies to Encourage Early Event Registration

The Cvent Event Blog has previously highlighted some of the reasons why early meeting and corporate registrations are important and suggested that it's time to re-think early booking incentives. Yet, many organizations continue to have a problem with last-minute registrations and bookings more

Give Your Events a Sense of Place

A friend of mine learned the hard way what happens when you completely ignore your meeting environment. Tasked with hosting a group of Tokyo businessmen at an Atlanta-based meeting, she ferreted out authentic sushi chefs and stocked the hotel bar with sake. And the attendees hated her for it. “ more

An Event Planner’s Spring Cleaning Guide

Here in New York, I could not be happier that the snowfall here is becoming less frequent and the temperature is on the rise. As we officially enter spring, it’s time to think about ways in which we can clean house, both literally and figuratively. As an event planner, what are some ways in more
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