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To Dramatically Improve Event ROI, Adopt a Sales Mindset

While my career path hasn't exactly been linear, there are a few threads running through nearly every professional endeavor: Communicator Problem Solver Persuader Another word for that last one is Seller, but I hesitated in using that word, because it tends to trigger some pushback. "I'm not more

Designing Multi-Generational Meetings and Conferences

It is important to design conferences and learning programs with the recognition that participants may be in various phases of their careers and lives. An emerging professional is not going to have the same needs as someone who is nearing retirement. Employees with young children won't have the more

How Biases Prevent You From Finding Breakthrough Ideas

Confirmation bias is our innate tendency to seek out information to support our beliefs. In this 4-minute video, Dr. Bo Bennett helps us understand how this plays out, using a scenario many can relate to: changing cable vendors. If watching the video isn't possible at the moment, here's a summary more

Back to School: Honing Your Meeting Facilitation Skills

With the new school year under way, once again it's time for event planners to devote quality time to enhancing their skills. One skill set which is worth developing is facilitation skills. While facilitation skills are certainly necessary for  training and development professionals, there are more

Without These Details, Your Leadership Summits Are a Waste of Time

Executive meetings are a critical business tool, or at least they should be. Far too few are designed to achieve specific, strategic objectives. Most are annual routines that offer a predictable mix of corporate brouhaha, data presentations, a motivational speaker or two, more

15 Steps for Planning Team Building Retreats

With Q3 winding down and significant fluctuations on the stock market and in the global economy, it's important for companies to pause, take stock of where they are, and map out their strategy for Q4 and beyond. If course corrections are needed, now is the time to make the critical decisions more

Pay Attention to the Basics to Minimize Surprises for Meeting Participants

Sometimes, it's the small details, especially unexpected situations, that can interfere with the satisfaction of event attendees and meeting participants. For meetings to flow smoothly, it's important to attend to a myriad details. Some of these items may seem basic but it is surprising more

Meetings 411: 10 Key Components of Executive Briefings

The Cvent Event Blog has previously stressed the important role that executive briefings can play in gaining buy-in from all participants. These important presentations by the CEO or another member of the senior management team at the beginning of meetings, internal conferences and team more

Live-Streaming Apps: the Legalities

Periscope and Meerkat have caused quite a stir in recent months, as event organizers wonder whether these new apps, which give smart phone users the ability to live stream snippets of events, are a good thing or a bad thing.  RELATED: What You Need to Know About Periscope and Meerkat This more

7 Strategies to Involve Executives in Meetings

Senior management support and involvement are key success factors for meetings and corporate retreats. Yet, the full potential of some meetings is never realized as insufficient attention is given to executive engagement. Here are 7 strategies for involving and engaging executives in meetings. more
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