Ideas for Corporate Event Themes

Tired of the traditional dinner, dance, or reception? Why not infuse your event with a creative twist: a theme!

Coming up with an event theme really encourages planners to get creative. A theme could be consistent with the meeting destination itself (e.g. a Texas style barbeque in Dallas or a Hollywood gala in Los Angeles). Or it could tie into what your company does, or perhaps the corporate goal for that year (e.g. an obstacle course for a goal to overcome challenges). Or themes could be entirely developed from scratch.

Red CarpetNo matter what, it can be tricky to land upon an idea that is neither biased nor innapropriate for your group of corporate attendees. I've dug up some creative ideas for themes that will surely add flair to an otherwise "typical" event:

• Mardi Gras Masquerade
• Rock and Roll
• Wild Wild West
• Winter Wonderland
• Island Luau
• Hollywood's Red Carpet
• Around the World

From decor to culinary creations, you take can take the theme as far as you want. If you're on a budget, the setting alone will do the trick. I once attended a Western themed event at a ranch - no bells and whistles, just some company logo'd cowboy hats and a baked potato buffet!

Along with the execution of a themed event, planners should come up with creative ways to "reveal" the theme. It could be anything from a contest to a pre-event postcard. Generating hype around the theme will both engage and entice attendees!
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