5 Ways to Maximize Conference Business Results

Hamster WheelMeeting Planner, Conference Organizer, Trade Show Manager and so on. The trouble with these titles is, they tend to limit our focus to the crescendo face-to-face event. I'm a little concerned that we're missing the most important role of all -- that of Conference Business Results Driver.

In today's world, organizations are paying more attention to business results that come from this conference. They're no longer blindly sending a crew to your conference or trade show. They want to know how this event will make them smarter/faster/better.

If you're a smart conference content designer, learning conversations are happening constantly at your conference. Participants are meeting others who can help them solve their problems. 

After the conference, they return to their "busyness" hamster wheel.

It's sometimes days before they get through the backlog that piled up in their absence. Suddenly, that conference notebook, that pile of business cards and all those incredible online digital assets get set aside.

But wait a minute. You're on that same busyness hamster wheel. How will you find the time to drive post-conference business results? You'll need to take a closer look at where you're spending time. How might you better leverage technology to buy back time?

Now is the time to embrace this important role as business results driver and here are five efficient ways to make it happen:

  1. Digital Content Capture: Do your best to capture every valuable nugget of learning gleaned at your conference. Capture videos, audio, charts, documents, everything you can. This will be your digital content treasure chest.
  2. Chunk It Down: Recognizing how overwhelmed participants are when they return to the office, avoid the once-and-done conference digital dump. Few have time to sit through hours of video or search through volumes of digital documents, but most will indulge in a short snippet over lunch.
  3. Drip Out Content Highlights Regularly: You managed to wow them at your conference but if they don't do something soon with all that learning soon, it will vanish. Go back to that digital content treasure chest and drip out highlights, at least weekly.
  4. Set Post-Event Expectations: Don't assume your attendees already know that post-event action is important. Remind them repeatedly during your conference that business results are driven by post-conference actions. Get them to commit AT your conference to at least three post-conference action steps. Encourage them to pair up with fellow attendees as accountability partners.
  5. Layer in New Content: Your speakers will likely be good partners for this step. Schedule webinars where you'll go even further with learnings from the conference. This opens up new revenue opportunities, too.

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(photo by Zebra Pares on Flickr)

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