Free eBook to Boost Event Mobile App Results (& Revenues)

By now, most conference organizers are at least one cycle deep into event mobile apps or they're preparing to launch a first one. With more than 85% of the world's population wielding one or more mobile devices, it's a growing audience that craves attention.

Our event mobile "app-etites" are expanding and our palates are growing more sophisticated. Serve up static content to your conference audience and you might find yourself in that mobile app "once & done" graveyard.

Make no mistake - the social mobile revolution is in full swing. Conference organizers who capitalize on this and deliver helpful and timely insight and updates via the mobile app will reap many rewards.

Mobile App Success Is Driven By Adoption

While there are countless articles circulating to help conference organizers get up to speed on mobile apps, I'm thrilled to direct you to a valuable resource that addresses a crucial success driver that's often overlooked: Attendee Adoption.

The CrowdCompass team just published an outstanding (and free) eBook, Mobile App Marketing Playbook: A Guide to Increasing Mobile Event App Adoption.

Here are three reasons why this eBook is a must-read for conference organizers:

  1. Attendee Adoption Focus
    All too often, mobile app strategy discussions focus on sponsors and exhibitors. After all, who's going to pay for this nifty app? While there are many organizations eager to sponsor your app and you are smart to pursue this funding channel, long-term success (and best revenues) comes to those who recognize that adoption drives everything. Delight your attendees with an app that enhances their experience before, during and after the event and everybody wins. Downloads are important, but it's the clicks and repeat use that will push future sponsorships and ad revenues much higher.
  2. Proven Best Practices From The Field
    The CrowdCompass team has identified best-in-class strategies and tactics gleaned from experience serving hundreds of events. They know what works and they know what doesn't. In page after page of this eBook, CrowdCompass delivers a concise guide, filled with savvy tips from practitioners.
  3. Step-by-Step Mobile App Marketing Plan & Timeline
    This eBook addresses a wide range of considerations, arming you with step-by-step instructions in proper sequence. No matter where you are on the mobile app deployment spectrum, you'll find tips to take your game to the next level.

Your attendees want faster/better learning at your event and faster/better connections with the right people. An event mobile app is your best route to deliver on those promises and grow a community of raving fans. Don't disappoint them. Download your eBook today and join the social mobile revolution!

PS: You can also download this eBook via iTunes!

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