Meeting Planners: Superheros?

Some more seasoned planners might remember the original Hawaii-Five-Oh television show, starring Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett. I'm not old enough to have seen it during its first run, but I'm enjoying the 21st-century version of the cops & robbers chase show. (And who doesn't like seeing the sandy beaches and gorgeous blue waters of Hawaii?)

On a recent episode, a dozen college kids were kidnapped and as McGarrett prepared for the case, he went into planner mode to arrange hotel accommodations and grief counseling for the parents of the kidnappees. It made me think, can meeting planners work in any field?

On another TV show, Mr. Sunshine, Matthew Perry (from Friends fame) manages a sports arena. We watch as he deals with changing hockey rinks to a three-ring circus, going from one crisis to the next. It's slightly different from the planner perspective, but the skills are similar. We try to expect the unexpected and deal with all the details at the same time.

I've mentioned the Donald Trump show in this blog before and how he chooses his apprentice based on how well the candidates plan an event. Now I'm wondering: can we Meeting Planners do it all? I don't know, but I believe that over time, as we get better at our jobs, we end up with skills and abilities that we can easily take from one industry or field to another.

When we had an attendee pass away on-site one time, we had to go into the same mode as McGarrett and find space and people for grief counseling. Hawaii-Five-Oh is just fiction, but it might be a reality that our work is bigger than just one kind of job. And if nothing else, it's nice to see our work on TV.
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