When Not to Skimp on Audio-visual

A/V equipmentMeeting planners have a love-hate relationship with audio-visual equipment. It's great when it works and makes our events more spectacular. But it's a challenge when it comes to knowing what's what and how much it should cost.

Scott Thomas, Project Manager with Audio Visual Management, says there are a few things worth paying for, such as a seamless video switcher. "It has the ability to switch between multiple inputs, freeze images on screen to allow slide edits or presentation to be switched and store a meeting logo, to be used as a fail-safe or transition in between presentation."

Thomas also suggests using bright LCD projectors of 5,000 lumens or greater (depending on room size, lighting and meeting needs) and that if you are using more than one screen and projector to make sure the projectors have matching brightness.

A digital audio recording deck is another piece of equipment to consider. "It allows you to capture meeting audio for transcription or re-purposing. Additionally, meeting audio is usually stored in mp3 format, which allows for simple portability," Thomas said. It's a good tool for meeting planners who wish to put conference content online for members or customers to access post-conference.

Lastly, Thomas recommends a strong audio-visual company partnership. A quality partner not only adds a level of consistency across meeting, location and venue, it lets you manage audio-visual needs via a single point of contact. In addition, if done right, it can help the purse strings, too.

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