3 Keys To Getting Mobile Event App Engagement

In my last blog, you read tips to increase your app download rates. So, once you are starting to get the download rates, your next hurdle is getting the best engagement on your mobile app. Having great engagement means your attendees will be more inclined to use the mobile app in future years. more

Why You Should Consider Live Chat For Your Event Website

Have you ever visited a website and had a window pop up that asked if you want to chat with a live agent? Or maybe it was more subtle than that with just an option to chat with an agent under the contact us tab. Either way, that function is called “live chat.” Cvent and CrowdCompass use it on more

Google Is Upping The Ante For Mobile Friendly Event Websites

Mobile friendly websites are nothing new. Whether you call it mobile friendly or responsive design, it’s just good practice given the proliferation of mobile devices and the high use of those devices particularly amongst Millennials. Google has been encouraging marketers to create mobile more

3 Ways to Increase Event App Download Rates

Average download rates of event apps may surprise you. A recent CrowdCompass and Event Marketing Institute survey showed that by 2016, the average app adoption (download) rate will be around 56%. With everyone having a cell phone, and the expectation of having an event app, why isn't the more

Cvent CONNECT Chronicles: 4 Big Benefits of Downloading the App

Cvent CONNECT is here and if you plan on attending there is one thing you absolutely must do before you arrive. Download the app! The app is your easiest way to navigate the conference, networking with attendees, connect with speakers and sponsors and share your experience on social media. more

Find Out How Event & Meeting Planners Use Mobile Apps at Events

Nowadays, there’s a mobile app for just about everything. Personally, I don’t even bother with looking up a website. If I’m on my iPhone—which I always am—it’s much easier to use a mobile app versus a mobile website. Especially now, as I’m currently traveling through Europe, I’ve used several more

Don't Assume Your Attendees Aren't Interested in Games

An event organizer told me they don’t use gamification at their events because their attendees are mostly women. His organization felt women were just not big gamers and therefore didn’t see any upside in incorporating games into its event. Those organizers, if they were using any stats at all, more

Will Periscope and Meerkat sabotage corporate events?

Two new live streaming apps, Meerkat and Periscope, are getting quite a bit of press lately. These apps allow anyone with a smartphone to live stream the events he or she witnesses. Anyone with an Internet connection can watch that live stream for free. Do event organizers need to lose more

7 Ways The Apple Watch Will Impact Meetings and Events

The hottest and what I believe is most fashionable wearable hit the market last week after months of speculation and anticipation. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the Apple Watch is poised to have a big impact on the lives of its users. I am one of the estimated 20 million people who more

New Survey Highlights Reasons to Invest in a Mobile Event App

CrowdCompass and the Event Marketing Institute (EMI) have partnered on a research report covering the momentum of mobile event apps. The report reveals some key findings about “how attendees value and engage with mobile event apps.” It also reveals the obvious benefit/opportunity of mobile apps more
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