Combating Chronic Zombiosis at Your Meetings

Groooaaannnnnn. Are you ready to rid your attendees of these demonic doldrums? Don’t worry, we have some eerily effective tactics for helping you avoid this dreaded ‘zombiosis.’ Here are a few, easily digestible tips on how to keep your attendees spellbound, on the edge of their seats and more

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Native Event App

If you are curious about web apps vs. native apps, you have to look at the types of features that could make or break your event. Does overall performance matter to you? What about keeping your attendees’ interest level high? Here are the top five reasons you should use a native event app as more

Capture Attention By Mixing Up Your Digital Content tracked 470 volunteers for a month to see just how they were using their smartphones and tablets. According to its data, 27% of smartphone users were visiting YouTube and a whopping 73% of tablet users were visiting that same site. In Just Media’s October article “Podcasting Is more

Event Horror Stories: Mobile Madness!

Did this episode sound familiar? Read below, and see how you can avoid a similarly gruesome fate at your events! We are living in the midst of the mobile era. If you’re attendees aren’t walking around with smartphones in their pockets or tablets in their briefcases, they probably have them right more

There's an App for That: Texas Book Festival, Austin

Characters and ideas on a page given imaginative expression by the author bring a book to life. When a festival convenes 285 authors to meet the book-reading public, there's true magic as favorite authors take the stage, in the flesh, and read from their works. Want to tap into that inspiration more

How Mobile Event Apps Can Prevail Where Business Cards Fail

With all the electronic gadgetry we have in our possession 24/7, it’s amazing that business cards are STILL an important networking tool. A few years ago, business cards’ demise seemed almost imminent with rapidly evolving technology. While some devices offer the ability to simply bump each more

The Backlash Over Facebook Messenger

While we are used to downloading and using apps, there has been some backlash over Facebook having the messenger feature outside of the social media channel. For those of you who may not be "in the know," Facebook now requires a different app be downloaded to use its IM feature.   The main more

What Event Planners and Attendees Can Expect from the iOS 8 Update

As an event app developer, CrowdCompass knows its clients’ event content, graphics, and logos need to look right on all screen sizes so every app user can have a smooth experience. Recently, we covered how (and why) CrowdCompass prepared its event apps ahead of time for the iOS 8 update. Now, we’ more

Choosing What Mobile Metrics to Capture

Mobile metrics are a great way to gain insight into your event and attendee experience. Use the wrong metrics to drive your strategy, however, and you can end up making very bad decisions. How do you go about choosing the right metrics, so you have an accurate picture?   What behaviors are more

3 Ways CrowdCompass Has Prepared for iOS 8 and iPhone 6

Every year, you can count on Apple to make a major announcement about the new, exciting products it’s releasing. The big reveal is typically in September, but CrowdCompass had been preparing for the launch of Apple’s new operating system and hardware since June. While developers of individual more
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