3 Big Benefits of Using Apps For Small Meetings

You may not think about how small meetings can use an app, but there is something to be said about the impact of apps in this area. Small meetings typically have 20 - 100 attendees, and companies that host dozens of small meetings a year can see great value in mobile app adoption.  The cost of more

6 Apps to Help You Through the Holidays

Somehow, every year, the holidays sneak up on you. Even if you’re done shopping by now, there are presents to wrap, cards to send off, cookies to be shared, and meals to be cooked. Whatever you need to do, there’s a mobile app to help you get it done faster and better. Here are a few good apps more

You Bought an App. Now What? Tips for Increasing App Adoption

It's no secret that smartphone adoption has increased in recent years. Fewer and fewer planners are dealing with attendees who simply don't have a phone smartphone. Yes, it still happens, but the pendulum has definitely swung in the direction of more phone and more access. Even more specifically, more

Book Shelf: Advice & Strategy from Cvent

Cvent bloggers have often shared their favorite reference and business books to help planners with their overarching strategies, as well as with everyday dilemmas.  At Cvent, we're alwaying adding to our ebook library; recently, however, we issued several new ebooks across our product lines: more

5 Ways Mobile Apps Help Create Successful Events [Infographic]

Mobile apps are changing the way we experience events. And while a poorly-designed app can stifle or frustrate attendees, a successful app will energize and delight them.  Check out our latest infographic below to learn about how to make your next event feel like a success to everyone involved. more

How iBeacons Can Affect Your Event

Meetings tech expert Corbin Ball recently described iBeacons as having a major impact on events. But, why? (And what are iBeacons again?) iBeacons are another way for you to use mobile technology to engage your smartphone-attached attendees. This is especially important as global more

Creating Attendee Personas As Part of Your Digital Strategy

Before you consider incorporating digital initiatives into your events, you need to strategize. Part of your strategy should include attendee personas. A persona is similar to an author’s character sketch. Picture a typical member of one segment of your audience and then create a brief more

5 Simple Steps to Managing an Event App

As a consultant and Technology Services Manager for dozens of clients, I have managed multiple activations of mobile apps for events. In the process, I developed a pretty foolproof system for successful implementation and adoption of the app while meeting organizational goals. If you are more

Creating an Event Digital Strategy

Mobile apps are a hot topic in today's world of meetings and events. Everyone is talking about whether or not they need one and if so, what features do they need to include. However, it's important to the success of the app and all event communication efforts to develop your entire digital more

10 Things to Consider in Your Digital Strategy

Marketers spend on average 2.5% of the total company revenue on digital marketing. In fact, more than 40% of marketers have plans on increasing their digital marketing spend in the coming year. Here is a list of 10 things to consider when developing your digital strategy.   Understand your more
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