How to Avoid Problems When Using Beacons to Deliver Content at Conferences

Using beacons effectively in a temporary environment such as a conference or trade show is still not an exact science. It requires some tweaking. In addition, the deployment can be even more complicated when event organizers want to deliver content using beacons. In that case, there are a couple more

Best Smartphone Battery Hacks

How familiar does this scenario sound? You’ve been using your smartphone as your own personal DJ during the first leg of your flight. The plane begins its decent. You look down at your phone and see a red battery bar. You panic because, being the jet-setter you are, you are using a mobile more

The Future of Mobile Apps

It has been said that a smartphone is like having a mini-computer in your pocket. How many of us, upon waking up, reach for our phone? (I almost find it irritating when I receive a call on my phone - since I am in the middle of doing something else.) And while we have multiple apps on our phones, more

The Route to Mobile Event App ROI [Infographic]

Measuring the performance of your mobile app is critical to evaluating the success of an event. But too often planners just look to hard numbers to tell the story. App success goes far beyond download rates, check-ins and time spent within the event. Paint a bigger picture by looking at the more

3 Tips On When To Update Your App Features

Hopefully you read my last blog post on things to consider for app development. It may surprise you that on average, most apps do not make it past the 30 day mark.  One way to keep your app being used is to update the user functionality to keep it fresh. So, how do you know when it is time to more

3 Ways To Add Instagramable Moments To Your Event

In an earlier post, we looked at the social media platforms currently being used by our next generation of attendees. Knowing about these platforms is valuable to the event organizer. Knowing how people are using these platforms is equally important. Few event organizers have the resources to more

3 Things To Consider For App Development

So, you have decided to join the over 1 million apps out there, and develop a new app for your event. Great, but how do you get started? Here are a few things to consider when you are developing your app.   What are you trying to solve? The app you develop should actually solve something your more

Are You Hip Enough To Attract a Younger Audience?

Attracting a younger generation to your conferences and events is not as simple as culling through stock photo sites for a younger, fresher face to add to your event marketing. Saying your event is hip and appealing to a younger generation does not make it so. Getting out the right message to more

3 Additions For Your Digital Strategy

You may think you know what digital elements you should add to your marketing strategy, but there may be a few you haven't thought to add. Check out these three additions for any digital strategy.  Creating context as well as content: In a recent study, 78% of CMO's believe custom content will be more

Are Event Planners Encouraging Smartphone Addiction?

I have a vivid memory of walking into a Tweetup about four years ago at an MPI conference and seeing every single person with their heads down, immersed in whatever was happening on their smartphone. Having been connected to these people in the virtual world for months and even years, I was more
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