The Social Robots Are Coming to the Event Industry

Jimmy Fallon and Robot
One of the biggest challenges faced by event professionals today is capturing the attention and respect of  today's more complex, tech-savvy and often quite jaded audiences. 

From the White House to Elizabeth Arden, Ford, Motorola, Pfizer and many others, event strategists around the globe are learning to leverage a new generation of iconic, time-appropriate Social Robots. Borne out of research in Technology-to-People Behavioral Psychology, the Social Robots are earning their place alongside Keynote Speakers, hosting Opening Ceremonies, Press Conferences, receptions, and exhibits.
Oftentimes, they will perform all of these functions in a single day, making this event tactic uncommonly cost-effective.

How Do Social Robots Work?
Gone are the days of promotional robots operated by model-airplane radio controls at malls and children's birthday parties. Today's Social Robot is a sophisticated and impressively engineered computer-supported technology. Social Robots are wirelessly operated by professional and cultured entertainers using a miniaturized microprocessor-assisted wireless technology concealed within their clothing. Whether the entertainer operates the Social Robot from backstage in a scripted manner or delivers improvisational conversations while transparently roaming the event as if you he or she were just another member of the audience, these seasoned operators can help you to create a very memorable experience.

So Why Use Social Robots In Your Events?

RobotSocial Robots resonate well in today's society. As we have a growing fascination with science and technology including the rapidly expanding markets in Robotics people have a natural curiosity about these Social Robots.The adult-sized, programmable and remotely operated personalities are often able to circumvent many of the constraints of social protocol and bond rapidly with any age, social, ethnic or cultural group in your audiences while erasing stresses, fears, anxieties, suspicions, attention-deficits or defense mechanisms.

But perhaps the greatest advantage of using a Social Robot at your event is its diversity and cost-effectiveness. Social Robots can be used  in a variety of ways and unlike human beings they don't tire out. Social Robots are being used as an event's "goodwill ambassador" appearing in  scripted welcoming speeches or keynotes, making appearances on local Morning News shows, delivering motivational speeches on science and technology at local schools or visiting a cancer-care unit at a local Hospital. These Social Robots can do all of this and then host an evening reception with improvisational comedy, singing, dancing, and of course, lots of souvenir photos - it's all in a day's work!

What About the Compassionate Side?

It's probably not surprising to note that Social Robots are equally successful working with the Learning Disabled, Autistic, ADHD, Handicapped, special-needs and senior citizen groups. This compassionate side of the Social Robot can be leveraged by event professionals in the form of scheduling goodwill visits to local Clinics, Hospitals, schools, Senior/Rehab centers in concert with their events. There are few other ways that can match the Social Robot's aptitude for reaffirming a company's all-important Corporate Social Responsibility in these challenging times. Not to mention a Social Robot's humanitarian gestures can potentially generate millions annually in media coverage while earning you the accolades of local consumer, business, government and media groups. Three Robots

What Role Might Your Social Robot Play in Your Event?

So how do you position your Social Robot in your event? There are many roles your Social Robot can play from being a member of your research department or a time-traveling emissary from your company's future-- the possibilities are endless!  Some Social Robots have impressive credentials which you can also leverage, having starred in movies, TV Series, and concerts.

Altogether, the non-human attributes, coupled with its wonderfully engaging human-like idiosyncratic mannerisms makes the Social Robot a strong and now time-appropriate contender for a multitude of dynamic and memorable event strategies.

R.Doornick is the founder & CEO of International Robotics, a purpose-driven research group. International Robotics is a pioneer of Social Robotics and a global leader in Communication Robotics, producing psychologically designed adult-size robotic personalities which act as surrogate communications tools in numerous segments of communications fields worldwide, including business, education, and entertainment.

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