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Cvent CONNECT Sessions are now available! Event professionals can choose from over 130 inspiring sessions this year. If you’ve already registered, click here to start setting up your own personalized schedule. As a reminder, Cvent CONNECT is taking place Tuesday-Friday,...


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Venue Sourcing

Why? We have a conference center floor with one of the largest meeting room in town, multi-functional, same floor meeting space with a 4.9 m ceiling height and built-in...

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DMO Guest Feedback

How DMOs Use Guest Feedback for Sales and Marketing Plans

Data & Analytics Destinations Guest Feedback

Guest feedback is one of the most crucial ways the travel and meetings industry finds major trends, address shortfalls, and enhance their offerings. Gone are the days of a...

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Market Your Event Like an Expert

Madeline Hessel Madeline Hessel

Event Marketing Events Reporting & ROI Social Media

The right marketing can ensure you get the largest and most relevant audience for your event. But your marketing efforts shouldn’t stop there — you want to build a...

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