Challenging Times for Event Planners

Industry Speak: How Are Event Planners Impacted?

Challenging Times for Event Planners These are challenging times in the meetings and events industry. With the pandemic forcing millions into isolation, and in-person events being cancelled left, right and centre, there’s no doubt that event planners are one of the hardest hit. What probably makes this all worse is the uncertainty floating around that


Event Planning Checklists: Avoid Last Minute Crisis at Your Event

The stage is set, your agenda is prepared and sent out to all the registrants. You’re ready to get the ball rolling… or are you? You cannot be sure about the success of your event before it is over. Last minute crisis can leave you helpless and you certainly don’t want to fiddle while Rome

Cvent's Second Annual Global Event Industry Benchmarks Study

[Infographic] Benchmark your events for better ROI

Growing the ROI of your events amidst increasing competition has become more challenging than ever. One of the key ways to tackle this challenge is by benchmarking your events’ performance with others in the industry. Equipped with valuable insights, you can identify the gaps and take more strategic decisions that can provide your organisation a

Here’s how to simplify event planning process

What if you had to host various events for key stakeholders – and you manually updated data in systems that handled registrations, check-ins and event mobile app creation? Or maybe you’ve got other time-consuming event planning tasks that needs to be taken care of? That was the reality for the event manager Tania Goodacre at

Planners, Stress Management is Equally Important!

There are two things that all event planners must know how to manage: events and stress levels. Event management is a demanding job that takes a physical and mental toll on the planners, who have to constantly work under high pressure to meet tight deadlines. No wonder a career as an event professional has been