Virtual Meeting Guide: Tips on Going Remote

Many of us attend meetings every day, sometimes, a lot more than we would like. Meetings are often blocked out into our schedules a week in advance or are...

8 Ways to Use Venue Sourcing Technology to Plan for the Unexpected

Event planners are no strangers to planning for the unexpected. Crises happen when you least expect them. Budgets change. Venues close. Natural disasters, political unrest, health scares, or any unimaginable act can happen anywhere in the world, causing panic and event cancellations or postponements. Event planners need to be prepared and able to act fast, understand their venue

18 Ways to Engage Attendees at Virtual Meetings and Events

Unlike in-person meetings and events, virtual events provide attendees with more opportunities to “zone out” as attendees are already on the computer and distraction is only a click away. When attention comes at a premium, how do you keep attendees engaged during virtual meetings and events? With the help of event management technology and a little creativity,

Risk Management for Event Planning: What to Do When a Crisis Strikes

The meeting and event industry is no stranger to crisis. Natural disasters, political unrest, health scares, or an unimaginable act can happen at any time, anywhere in the world. Planners must be prepared to pivot and act quickly. You’ve likely dealt with one-off event disruptions for years, and hopefully have a crisis management plan in

Virtual Event

Virtual Events in 2020: The Ultimate Guide

The value of face-to-face interaction will never go away, but there are times when going virtual is a necessary part of your event program. But how do you turn a multi-day conference, filled with networking opportunities, educational sessions, and the attendee insights they generate, into a virtual one? And once you do, how do you

5 Must-Do Activities at AIME This Year

If you’ve clicked on this blog, then I’m sure you already know about the Asia Pacific Incentives Meetings Event (AIME). For the ones who are unsure what AIME is, it is basically the mecca for meeting and event professionals in the Asia Pacific region. Every year, industry decision-makers come to this event held in Melbourne

Integrate with Cvent

Integrate Cvent with Your Marketing Tech Stack

We are living in the midst of a digital revolution. Daily activities like booking a rideshare, ordering food, and shopping online are the norm. This goes for businesses too, that are transforming the way they operate through cloud software solutions for customers. There’s no debating that digital technology is now an indispensable part of our

Event management process execution

7 Questions You Should Ask To Efficiently Execute Event Management Processes

Event management is all about untangling the complex threads woven around an upcoming event into delineated strands of clear processes. If you are managing an event, you need to optimise the different event management processes so that an incremental improvement in all aspects can lead to a successful final execution of the overall project. This

5 Ways Technology Can Help Event Planners In The Higher Education Sector

As with any sector, higher education institutions have their own set of objectives aligned with their events. From increasing donations and engaging alumni, to improving student outreach and building the university’s reputation, event planners in the education industry need to make sure that their event program (and the technology behind it) supports these objectives. Here

Get Back to Basics: Rediscover the Joys of Event Tech

Living in a digital world has made it easier than ever before to meet people and conduct business virtually. However, despite this, face-to-face interactions continue to be the most effective way to connect with others. For proof, just look at the growth and investment in the event marketing industry. It has become increasingly important for