Event Management

More than Surveys: How to Gather Key Data Onsite at Your Events

In the digital age, it has become very easy for marketers to know just about everything their prospects and customers are doing on their website and other digital channels. However, despite live events providing some of the most valuable prospect and customer insights, many marketers aren’t taking advantage of all the great intel gathered during their organisation’s

Taking the Mystery Out of Venue Sourcing

How do you typically find a venue for an event? Like a lot of planners, you may start with a Google search. From there, you create a spreadsheet, start to identify criteria, send a few emails, call a few locations, and come up with a solid list of potential venue options. But how long did

Event Planning

5 Ways to Steer Your Event Planning Career

Once you have taken the plunge into the wondrous, creative and exhilarating world of event planning, there is no denying it will reap rich rewards for your career. By improving your organisational and social skills manifold, and tapping your creative potential to the maximum, you will witness an incredible transformation both on the personal and

Cvent at AIME 2019

5 Reasons Event Planners Should Definitely Attend AIME 2019

The Asia Pacific Incentives Meetings Event (AIME) is one of the major events in the meetings and events industry that helps buyers and exhibitors foster new relationships, generate business, and procure new technology and knowledge to drive ideas. In 2019, AIME is planned over three days from 18-20 February in the picturesque, multicultural environs of

Event Planning

Five Reasons Why Event Planning is a Great Career Choice

What do people seek to become when starting their professional career? If you ask this question, you will normally get the following answers – a highly respected doctor, a top software engineer in a MNC, a high-flying pilot, or a successful lawyer in a legal firm. However, as the world becomes more global, and more

Great Events Don’t Just Happen: Venue Sourcing

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest draws – or biggest deterrents – for any event is the venue. Attendees are looking for an appealing city and venue that’s easily accessible and within their budget. But despite how important it is, finding a venue that checks off all your boxes is infamously hard. You

A Classic Reimagined – Cvent Event Management

“You don’t change a classic” – that’s what they say. Because there are some things that are perfect just the way they are. While this may be true of The Beatles, leather jackets or champagne, there are some things that can be good and still be made better. You should not change a classic, but

Event Tech Items

5 Event Tech Items That Won’t Blow Your Budget

Event technology has been evolving ever since it entered the business. Over the time, it has also raised attendees’ expectations and fulfilling attendee expectations is an event organiser’s most important priority. But if you’re planning an event on a shoestring budget, delivering a rich attendee experience can be a bit challenging. To make things easier

Attendee Engagement Techniques

5 Things You Need to Know About Attendee Engagement

“Attendee Engagement.” It’s a term much bandied about in the event industry. Very often, it’s the catch-all benefit that event tech vendors will dangle in front of you. But what does “attendee engagement” really mean? How do you measure it? And how do you get more of it? Know what attendee engagement means at your