Here’s how to simplify event planning process

What if you had to host various events for key stakeholders – and you manually updated data in systems that handled registrations, check-ins and event mobile app creation? Or...

Spice Up Your Events With These Corporate Event Theme Ideas – Part 1

A fun theme idea can turn your ordinary corporate event to extraordinary and get people excited about attending it. All kinds of events can be made theme based, whether it is business meetings, brainstorming sessions, galas or team building workshops. Make sure to select a theme that will reflect the content and core messaging of

Q&A: How to Double Down on your Event App Downloads

The #1 thing we hear from event planners is that they want more attendees to download and use their mobile app at their event. But they don’t know how to create an app adoption strategy that will work for their event or audience. In one of our webinars, our in-house mobile experts teamed up with

A Guide to the Various Types of Table Service

Food plays an integral role in the success of any event, so naturally it becomes necessary to know which style of table service is appropriate for a certain event. It also becomes important to know what kind of food can be served under a particular type of table service. For instance, an afternoon reception should

10 Reasons Why Planners Need Social Media Strategy for Events

There is so much happening with social media today; it is almost overwhelming. As social sites rapidly grow and evolve, it’s increasingly difficult for the average person to really wrap their head around social media and process what it all means. This is how it’d have felt when new mediums like TV and radio came

Cheat sheet: Easy way to calculate event ROI

One of the main objectives for event planners is to measure the return on investment of their events in a constant effort to improve their events and lower the cost. But ROI calculation is more than simply a measurement system; it’s a strategy that calls for changes in business processes to get the maximum returns.

Top 5 Myths of Mobile Event Apps Debunked

Mobile event apps are becoming fundamental to the success of any corporate event. With an event app, planners can improve the experience for attendees, solicit feedback seamlessly, capture many never-before-seen data points and increase event ROI. To summarise, mobile event applications help planners and organisers deliver successful events that are more relevant, more social and more

The Biggest Problem Facing the Meetings & Events Industry

Event planning landscape has dramatically changed over the last decade. With the advent of modern event technology, many event planners have become adept at using it to manage, promote and support their events. Event planners today often find themselves faced with far more challenges than simply delivering successful events. To name one: negotiating a profitable