Hotel Content Marketing: 7 Tips to Maximise Visibility

Revisiting a few key fundamentals and preparing your hotel for market resurgence is one way to take advantage of the challenging and unprecedented times facing the industry. In this blog post, we go over hotel content marketing tips for SEO, as well as your website, social media, and email marketing campaigns to ensure that your marketing engine

Tips for Hotel Managers: How to Influence a Planner’s Venue Selection

It’s no secret that meeting and event planners are busy people — and they’re getting busier. In the Australia edition of the 2019 Cvent Planner Sourcing Report, over 70% of planners surveyed said they manage 11 or more events per year. They’re organising more events with more attendees — and larger budgets. These event professionals have more to do,

10 Must-Know SEO Marketing Tips for Hotels

Content remains to be the king, irrespective of your business, location or your target audience. In this digital age, when the entire world is online, having a solid SEO strategy is essential to drive event planners to your hotel website. It results in higher rankings, increased volume of website visitors, and better-quality website traffic. Thus,

6 Hotel Reputation Management Tips Hoteliers Need to Know

Hotel reputation management is all about monitoring and influencing how your hotel is perceived online. It involves keeping track of review sites, posting and engaging on social media, and optimising your site for search. Now more than ever, staying on top of your online game is important – for industry recovery and for attracting planners as they source for

12 Ways to Boost Your Hotel Website Conversions

The hospitality industry has a 2% average website conversion rate, meaning that for every 100 website visitors, only two of them take the next step. But here’s the good news: There are dozens of simple steps you can take to boost your hotel website conversions. First, you need to learn why and when you’re losing people, so you know where to

6 Hotel Marketing Tips To Prepare for Group Business Restart

As hotels across Australia start reopening or even plan to reopen soon, it is crucial than ever for them to maintain their brand value and maximise their visibility. With so much changed in the way we interact and transact, planners’ expectations from hotels are bound to shift. And to help you navigate through these changing

In-Person Events Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Safe Events

How will your hotel or venue ensure in-person events in a post-COVID-19 world are as safe as can be? As hotels reopen their doors worldwide, the safety of guests is paramount – from food and beverage to accommodating hybrid events, social distancing and sanitation protocols. Safe in-person meetings and events will take precedence and, in