Picture This: How to Choose Event Website Imagery

Choosing the event website imagery requires attention to detail. It also requires adherence to theme. More than that, you have to think about what will resonate the most with...

Top 10 Reasons to Bring Your Group to Bermuda and Fairmont Southampton

Bermuda offers 75 miles of dramatic coastline — a perfect backdrop for productivity, entertainment, and relaxation. Here are 10 reasons to experience the island’s renewed energy and excitement at Fairmont Southampton, its largest beach, spa, and golf resort. 1. Location and Time Zone Fairmont Southampton is an exotic island resort with a European feel, but it’s

10 Foolproof Tips for a Memorable Meeting

Is your Twitter feed more interesting than the meeting you’re sitting in? Then it’s time to bring some excitement to the table. With a creative approach, solid planning, and expert execution, a company meeting can and should leave everyone energized.    Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants specializes in helping business clients host meetings and events worth

planner looking at schematics to calculate event ROI

Event ROI Calculation: Top Five Questions

In our last post, we identified the costs and benefits involved in running an event. While some measures such as direct costs or direct revenue are pretty straightforward, other event ROI drivers such as opportunity costs, attributed revenue and knowledge exchange can be a bit more challenging to understand. Let’s dive into the most common


Measuring Maturity: How Mature is Your Events Program?

Some people say that comparison is the death of joy. Indeed, when it comes to your personal life, that might be true. However, in order to understand how well your organization is doing, comparison is necessary. Benchmarking is a strategic way of matching what your company is doing versus what another is doing and identifying areas

Cvent Excellence Awards submit now

Why You Should Submit for the Cvent Excellence Awards

It’s awards season, and we all know that means champagne, red carpets, and gilded statuettes. While we’re excited for the Academy Awards, we’re even more excited about our own incredible awards ceremony at Cvent CONNECT! Find out all about the Cvent Excellence Awards and why you should submit. What are the Cvent Excellence Awards? Held

rainbow of color

How to Choose Event Website Color

Color is difficult. Don’t let it fool you. If you’re not conforming to strict brand standards, choosing the ideal color for your event registrations site can be very challenging. It isn’t easy to mix and match to create the right mood. So help yourself out by keeping it simple. As you choose your colors, stick

New Experiences and Unique Meeting Spaces Await Groups in Daytona Beach

Midmorning trainings at the conference center, early afternoon beach exploration, an evening event at a museum, late-night team-building at the beachfront Bandshell — the day’s possibilities are endless for your group meeting or convention in Daytona Beach, Florida. With 600,000 square feet of flexible, creative meeting space, more than 12,000 guest rooms available on and

How to Hold a Meeting With Purpose in Kelowna, BC

Does content matter? It’s no longer a question organizers ask when they’re planning their annual events. It most certainly does. In the day and age when they are competing for their delegates’ attention, every meeting planner knows a great event is more than the quality of its speakers, breakout sessions, or networking opportunities. Today’s best events

4 Insider Tips to Make Your Winter Meeting in Puerto Rico Unforgettable

Puerto Rico offers everything you could dream of: breathtaking ocean views, exciting adventure, culture, and the most amazing cuisine. That being said, if it is your first time to this beautiful island, here a few things to help you make the most of your meeting/adventure. Tip 1: Pack Light One of the most amazing features