Business Retreats Double as Family Time in the Southeast

America’s progressive yet always-on work culture can sometimes make it challenging for working professionals to strike a balance between work and play. In 2016, U.S. travelers took 458.9 million...

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Timing is Key to a Successful Event Gifting Program

One of the most important aspects of your event gifting program is timing. It might seem like a simple detail, but the truth is that it goes unnoticed more than you would think. Timing has a lot to do with the size of your event. For example, you probably wouldn’t want to run a gift

What Are the Different Types of Food Service Styles?

You may have seen waiters sailing towards tables, holding silver platters aloft. More importantly for you as a planner, you may have been charged for it on your master account. Professional waiters are adept at several service styles; the most popular is called “French.” But there is some confusion on just what French service is.

Benefits of a Strategic Meetings Management Program

When you’re running hundreds of events each year, you need a way to manage and organize your events to optimize the outcomes of these meetings. Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) programs help companies manage their meetings and events through streamlined planning processes, preferred vendors, and meetings data. SMM programs help companies align their meetings and business

Anticipated Development Awaits in Allen, Texas

Just 30 minutes from downtown Dallas, Allen, Texas, boasts premier shopping, engaging entertainment, more than 250 delectable dining options, and top-notch meeting space — so it’s easy to see why is a preferred choice for meeting planners. Plus, the destination is becoming even more notable with a highly anticipated new development. Allen is welcoming the Delta Hotels

How to Keep Your Event Materials Organized

Every event planner knows that event materials get re-used. But what happens to them in between your events? Where does the stuff go? The worst thing you can do is throw it in a closet and walk away. This makes it harder on you the next time you need something- like the super specific light

Surprise and Delight Meeting Attendees in Boise

Give attendees more than just a meeting experience in Boise, Idaho.  With a thriving cultural scene, convenient location close to great amenities, and many unique venues to choose from, Boise is sure to please. Ease of Access Boise’s proximity to outdoor adventure, meeting venues, and local restaurants is unparalleled. The downtown epicenter is a short

Detroit Hotel Guide

There’s too much going on in Detroit to make it a day trip. Whether you need to lay your head down after a night in the city or find a unique space for an upcoming event, our guide to Detroit hotels will help point you in the right direction. Boutique Downtown Hotels Detroit Foundation Hotel:

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Upcoming Webinar: Who To Talk To for Cvent Platform Support

We all know the Cvent platform is designed elevate your event management experience. You may want a quick answer from your Account Manager while onsite or need help with a new feature update from your Client Success Consultant. Whatever the case, our team is here to fully support you. Cvent is as invested in ensuring

How the Right Conference Venue Can Make All The Difference

From keynote speakers to coffee breaks, meeting planners know that every detail matters when creating a corporate event. Aside from the program’s agenda, no detail may be as important than the venue you choose. Whether you are planning a retreat for board members or a week-long international conference, where you host your next meeting can