How to Knock Your Name Badge out of the Park!

As an Account Manager in pc/nametag’s sales department, I help customers create show-stopping name badges. So, if you have an event coming up or you just want some tips...

4 Reasons You Should Switch to Live Badging Now

We work with a lot of event planners on a lot of events. While no two events are the same, one thing we’ve learned that remains consistent is the shared headache that is pre-printing and stuffing name badges. It’s no wonder why this is such a pain in the you-know-what when you have hundreds, or

Automating Event Management Tasks: A to Z

Maybe more than any profession, events professionals are faced with a unique challenge: it’s called the “Invisible Workload.” The cure to this dilemma? Automating event management tasks. If you’re reading this blog post, then you likely know exactly what we’re talking about. The Invisible Workload is the work you do for your organization that goes completely

Planning a gift experience

What to Consider When Planning Your Next Gift Experience

We understand all that goes into planning a successful event and how much work it is! Luckily, company gifts can be taken off your plate with the help of an on-site gift experience. Aside from inventory management to set up and distribution, there’s a lot to consider when deciding which gift experience will best fit

Office event technology

How Event Technology Can Help Sustain Your Business Model

As the value of events grows, organizations are investing in event technology more than ever. What happens, however, when an organization is accustomed to doing more with less? Relying on small teams and manual processes to manage events can directly affect the success of the organization. Jared Cohen, President and CEO of the Parkinson Foundation of


A Day in the Life of an Event Planner

An exclusive look into the world of event planners Event planning is one of the rare jobs where no two days are the same. Each event an event planner organizes can be vastly different. That’s what makes event planning one of the world’s most stressful jobs. But this got us thinking, how could we best

Invisible Workload

3 Ways to Reduce Your Invisible Workload

It’s the morning of the event. You wake up with a handwritten name badge stuck to your forehead – one out of the 800 badges you were trying to alphabetize last night in the hotel room. Then, you open your phone to see four missed calls. Your sponsor wants you to change the entire seating

Gifting Program

Gifts That Spark Yearlong Conversations About Your Incentive Program

Designing a gift program that leaves attendees feeling appreciated, empowered, inspired, and doesn’t stop once the event is over can be a significant investment in your overall event spend. It’s important to understand that thoughtful gifts spark meaningful conversations about your event and continue long after the on-site experience fades. But what exactly does “meaningful

Dr. Jonathan Spero

New Podcast- Happy and Healthy Part 2 with Dr. Jonathan Spero

In Part 2 of this podcast episode, Brooke and Cody continue their conversation with Dr. Jonathan Spero and discuss how meeting planners can be better at mitigating company risk while also optimizing the health and safety of meeting attendees. The Episode: What to Listen For What is incorporated in a restoration lounge? How much time to attendees