Easy Ways to Donate Your Leftover Event Food

Almost every event involves food, but have you ever thought about what happens to the leftovers when the event ends? Where does everything go? If you’re lucky, then all the food that you spent hours ordering for your event perfectly matched the number of attendees you had. Does this happen? Sure, but a lot of

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Unlock Better Room Block Management with Cvent Passkey

Room block management is a painful part of the event planning process. It involves tedious back and forth between the planner and hotel venues. Information passed manually is insecure, posing a great deal of information risk. Human error leads to incorrect reservations and annoyed attendees. And planners cannot manage their attrition commitments. Enter Cvent Passkey

How to Implement Crowdsourcing at Your Events

The idea that a group of people can combine their knowledge and come to more accurate conclusions than an individual is not a new one. The ‘wisdom of crowds’ concept was first discovered in 1906 by Francis Galton, a British statistician when 800 people at a fair engaged in a competition to guess the weight

5 Things Event Planners Should Know

Being a successful event planner is synonymous with juggling fire in front of a crowd. It’s difficult, but brilliant when done correctly. Whether you’re an event planner by profession or by chance, this blog is for you. These are five things event planners should know. The importance of… Organization Before you dive in head first

Photo Wall Ideas to Use at Your Next Event

Every great event has multiple puzzle pieces that all work together to engage attendees. Social media and event photography go hand in hand to increase attendee engagement. Photo walls are meant to engage your attendees and create a social media presence. They’re worth the investment because, if they’re done well, people remember them and will keep

The Best Ways to Answer Attendee Questions

Your attendees will have questions, no matter how much information you’ve put on your event website. You might have an extensive FAQ section, but that isn’t always enough. Even in today’s digital world, they aren’t afraid to pick up the phone to get their questions answered. Attendee support can be one of the most time-consuming

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Upcoming Webinar: How to Advance Your Event Management Skills

Cvent tools are designed to help you create better, smarter events. The Cvent platform you already use is filled with functionalities you may not even realize you have. Check out our free webinar for a sneak peak at some of these great features! Negotiate Better with the Cvent Supplier Network Account Manager Danielle Galloway loves helping

Is a Meetings Management Program Right for You?

While the concept of strategic meetings management (SMM) programs has been around for over a decade,  many organizations still wonder if it makes sense for them. A meetings management program can provide your organization with visibility into meetings and events activity, a streamlined planning process, realized cost savings, duty of care compliance, and reduce corporate

How to Pick a Menu Everyone Can Enjoy

Events involve a lot of food and that’s not a secret. But how does juggling the menu properly play into the overall event experience? Food is crucial. It can make or break someone’s day, which is why it’s so important to make sure there are food options that everyone can eat. Trust me, we know