5 Tips for Picking Event Swag

Event swag is a great thing. Six months after your event, your attendee might reach into their bag and pull out a pen with your company logo on it...

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Upcoming Webinar: How to Find Answers to Your Top Cvent Questions

Cvent’s technology suite is robust. For new customers, it can be challenging to know what resource is best for onboarding, troubleshooting, or enhancing your platform experience. Even experienced Cvent users can be overwhelmed with the number of resources available to them. Our free webinar breaks down who you need to know–and who to go to–when

3 Ways to Stay Healthy at Your Next Event

Picture this, it’s the day of the event you spent eight months planning, 3,000 attendees are about to walk through the door and the whirlwind is about to begin. Then, all of the sudden, your eyes start to sink in and you feel your throat getting scratchy. Then you start to cough. Great. You’re now

4 of the Best Event Names in History

Excuse the superlative, but literally the hardest part of creating anything—whether it’s planning events, world building for a novel, or, yes, blog writing—is coming up with the perfect name. When it comes to the name of your event, you want it to carry the tone of the actual event, as well as give a sense

Gaining a Roundtrip View of the RFP Process

Gigi Gleason at Autodesk and Chays Sayre with Renaissance Lodge at Sonoma teamed up for a Cvent CONNECT session that walked attendees through a “roundtrip view” of the RFP process. The example was a small corporate meeting with Renaissance as one RFP recipient. RFP Process: Planner Steps General Information Specify the type and scope of meeting.

Bar Basics: Host vs Open Bars

In the event world, questions get thrown at us and sometimes we don’t know the answer right away. One question you might get asked is what type of bar you should have. This question can be answered easily, but you need to know the basics. There are two main types of event bars: host and

Motivational Quotes for Stressed Planners

Do you ever get stressed? When I say stressed, I mean head banging against the wall, questioning your ability to do your job type of stressed. If you do, you’re not alone. The event industry tends to induce a lot of stress. I mean a lot. This is no surprise considering event planning is ranked

Big Question: What’s a Meaningful Experience?

There’s talk around the water cooler about the importance of meaningful engagement for creating an event experience that wows audiences. But what exactly does that mean? And how does it translate into actionable strategies? We’ve given this question a lot of thought. The goal of every event planner is for attendees to fully participate in

Budgeting: How to Estimate Coffee Consumption

One of the most common conversations you’ll hear in the event planning industry is about coffee consumption. How is my company charged? Per gallon or per cup? Can I put a cap on how much is consumed, so I don’t exceed my budget? What quantities of consumption should I expect with a group of my

The Right Prescription for HCPs to Attend Medical Meetings

For life sciences companies, attracting Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to their events is a key to success. When choosing the events to attend, HCPs are looking to stay up to date on the latest trends for their specialties, meet with experts or key opinion leaders, and network with colleagues. At Cvent CONNECT, Ashfield Meetings and Event’s