Invisible Workload

3 Ways to Reduce Your Invisible Workload

It’s the morning of the event. You wake up with a handwritten name badge stuck to your forehead – one out of the 800 badges you were trying to alphabetize last night in the hotel room. Then, you open your phone to see four missed calls. Your sponsor wants you to change the entire seating

Gifting Program

Gifts That Spark Yearlong Conversations About Your Incentive Program

Designing a gift program that leaves attendees feeling appreciated, empowered, inspired, and doesn’t stop once the event is over can be a significant investment in your overall event spend. It’s important to understand that thoughtful gifts spark meaningful conversations about your event and continue long after the on-site experience fades. But what exactly does “meaningful

Dr. Jonathan Spero

New Podcast- Happy and Healthy Part 2 with Dr. Jonathan Spero

In Part 2 of this podcast episode, Brooke and Cody continue their conversation with Dr. Jonathan Spero and discuss how meeting planners can be better at mitigating company risk while also optimizing the health and safety of meeting attendees. The Episode: What to Listen For What is incorporated in a restoration lounge? How much time to attendees

CHG healthcare make a difference week

How CHG Healthcare Uses Event Technology to Put People First

As one of the largest healthcare staffing providers in the U.S., CHG Healthcare works to put people first.  Manager of Corporate Events Annie Gingrich needed to find a technology solution without sacrificing culture. “One of the things we battled was choosing technology in lieu of another really engaged employee. That was something that we had

Cvent podcast

New Cvent Podcast: How Great Events Happen

Got a spare 20 minutes or so? We know that’s a loaded question for meetings and events professionals. In fact, our mission at Cvent is to help you get those 15 minutes (and more) back in your day! So, when we decided to launch our new podcast, How Great Events Happen, the plan was to keep these

event giveaways

Inspire With This Must-Have Event Giveaway

Many business professionals prioritize reading fiction and non-fiction for their personal learning and development strategies—particularly when traveling to and from your meetings and events. Bill Gates publishes an annual suggested reading list and Warren Buffet spends up to 80% of his day reading. Your events may already provide an opportunity to get attendees reading—through an onsite

Trade Show

Maximizing Your Trade Show Strategy: Webinar

Attending live events and gathering leads is a crucial piece of a successful sales and marketing strategy–it also represents a large investment from most organizations. So, the need to measure the impact of the live events you attend is critical. Without a way to prove impact, attendance at trade shows can be seen as costly

People looking at computer at Cvent CONNECT

Cvent Partners: Optimizing the Cvent CONNECT Experience

As the world’s premier event technology conference, Cvent CONNECT brings together meetings, event and hospitality professionals to share best practices, learn from peers, and take their meetings and events to the next level. Cvent CONNECT is especially valuable for  Cvent partners as it provides them with access to new information on leveraging their Cvent partnership.