How to Keep Your Event Materials Organized

Every event planner knows that event materials get re-used. But what happens to them in between your events? Where does the stuff go? The worst thing you can do...

Cvent support phone contact

Upcoming Webinar: Who To Talk To for Cvent Platform Support

We all know the Cvent platform is designed elevate your event management experience. You may want a quick answer from your Account Manager while onsite or need help with a new feature update from your Client Success Consultant. Whatever the case, our team is here to fully support you. Cvent is as invested in ensuring

Expanding the Marketing Stack with Event Technology

For many organizations, events represent a large share of their overall marketing spend. In fact, many companies allocate anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of their budgets for brand experiences, with the predominant portion  going to events. Many marketers believe that, after a website, events are the most effective channel in their “marketing stack,” given

Automation Evolution

Join the Automation Evolution

If you could increase productivity by 27%, wouldn’t you? I’m not talking about complex mental training, life hacks, or three-day retreats in the jungle. In the world of event planning, if you want to do more, all you need is event management technology. Event planners spend their days surrounded by stacks of bright sticky notes,

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Gaining Visibility into Simple or Small Meetings

In the event management space, a logical assumption would be that larger format meetings, given their scope and breadth, absorb most of a company’s meetings budget. In actuality, for many companies, as much as 50 percent of their meeting spend goes towards managing small meetings, according to industry sources. Managing the spend for these meetings

Charts and Numbers

Managing Up: How to Make Execs Understand Event ROI

When it comes to proving the success of your event, sometimes you have to learn how to speak a different language. Turns out, your boss, company executives, or the board of directors may not define success in the same way that you do. What do you do when you have to prove your worth, but

[NEW EBOOK] Event Management Technology for Dummies

Over the years, it’s become more and more apparent that the meeting and events industry is changing. Now, technology is everywhere. From mobile event apps to registration websites, venue sourcing sites to increased data and analytics, there’s no part of the event lifecycle that doesn’t use event management technology in some way. Technology is vital

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Steps to Prove Event ROI for CMOs

In today’s marketing environment, dominated by digital advertising, social media and mobile apps, most CMOs prize events as a critical tool in their arsenal and know that events and face-to-face communications are integral to accelerating sales and driving revenue growth. Yet despite the role of events in the marketing mix, providing CMOs with the data

ABC's of Event Planning

The ABC’s of Event Planning

Planning an event may seem overwhelming, but we’re here to tell you that, if you take a deep breath, you’ll see it may actually be as easy as ABC. Learn the ABC’s of event planning today. A. Audience When planning your event, before you can begin marketing and sending invites to potential attendees, you need


[Webinar Series] The Essential Guide to Event Management Technology

In this brand-new webinar series, we draw on our years of industry experience to break down modern event planning. Meetings and events have changed and keeping up with the technology available is no easy task. The ten-part series will show you how event management technology fits naturally into every stage of the event lifecycle to