Accenture Moves to Flex for Event Management Websites

Cvent’s New Standard Registration process (Flex) gives event planners a new way to build, design, and manage their event management websites and registration process. It reimagines website creation and makes the process more enjoyable for planners. The technology reduces the time to launch events, so planners can focus on other projects to increase event ROI.

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Personalize Events for Better Attendee Experiences

Power of Personalization There’s no denying that today, it’s all about the individual. We want everything to be made for us or with us in mind. From the rise in popularity of monogrammed necklaces to custom drink orders, we want things to be done the way we like them. Technology has made personalization easier. Starbucks

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Picture This: How to Choose Event Website Imagery

Choosing the event website imagery requires attention to detail. It also requires adherence to theme. More than that, you have to think about what will resonate the most with your audience. Graphics, icons, and illustrations are key to creating a visually pleasing website. That being said, it’s easy to go overboard. When you mix and

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How to Choose Event Website Color

Color is difficult. Don’t let it fool you. If you’re not conforming to strict brand standards, choosing the ideal color for your event registrations site can be very challenging. It isn’t easy to mix and match to create the right mood. So help yourself out by keeping it simple. As you choose your colors, stick

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[Webinar] The Power of Personalization

The days of cookie-cutter events are long gone. Attendees want a unique experience, one that fits them perfectly. But how do you personalize an event for hundreds or thousands of attendees? It’s easier than you might think with the help of data and automation. Our newest webinar will show you everything you need to know

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Event Marketing Plan Template

Your event deserves to have a killer promotion plan. But it’s not always easy to know where to start. Your marketing plan should begin right when event planning begins. The two go hand in hand. After all, without a great promotion strategy, no one will know about your event. So, how do you do it?

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event

Fun fact: the average smartphone user looks at their phone 300+ times a day. That’ means a lot of social media use. Now some people tend to curse technology for disturbing face to face interactions, but I say don’t curse it. The worst thing you can do is ignore technology because, whether you like it

How to Choose an Event Hashtag that Sticks

Choosing an event hashtag seems simple, but is it? When it comes to events, hashtags are a necessity. They’re easy to track and they work, when done successfully. Social media is the perfect place to market your event, but if you don’t know what you’re doing then you could deter connections and end up losing followers. In

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Building Live Event Programs that Drive Value

Live event programs offer event marketers a unique opportunity to create valuable and personalized experiences to further company business objectives. During a recent webinar, “Building a Live Event Program that Drives and Proves Value,” GE’s Amanda Young, Frost & Sullivan’s Adam Khan and Cvent’s Brad Gillespie discussed how to create successful event marketing strategies. What