How to Use Resources to Help in Meetings Manangement

Hopefully, this blog series has helped lay the foundation to guide you through the process of selling meetings management internally and gaining internal adoption. That said, enlisting help from...

meetings management policy template

How to Communicate Meetings Management Plan Internally

By now we are nearing the end of the processes of selling meetings management. After following the above steps, the initial sale should be complete and you should focus your attention on getting the company to use the program and gain adoption. If executive buy-in is the most difficult piece of implementing a meetings management

How to Develop and Present your Business Case

While your company may not have a culture of writing a formal business case, putting your thoughts in writing can help you to consolidate your thoughts, data, and ideas into a single location. When putting together business cases, some areas to think about are: Current Situation/Business Need Objectives Risks Proposed Strategy Justifications and Impacts Expected

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How to Estimate Your Meetings Cost Savings

While I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that for many companies, cost savings is not enough of a driver to secure complete buy-in or get the go-ahead for implementing a meetings management program, the question of financial implications will inevitably arise. Before undergoing any business case conversation with your executive team, it is important

How to Develop a Meetings Policy

Last week I talked through some of the reasons your company might be looking at implementing a meetings management program. The next step is to outline your meetings policy. I’m still surprised by how many organizations still do not have a meetings policy in place, even something informal. The true value of a meetings policy is to

Understand the Reason for Strategic Meetings Management

As discussed in last week’s post, meetings management programs have developed a reputation for being difficult and incredibly time-consuming to implement. This blog series will help you simplify the process and achieve executive buy-in and company adoption. Historically, meetings program managers embraced this initiative for the potential cost savings. Strategic meetings management research proved that

How to Successfully Sell Meetings Management in 7 Easy Steps

At the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention in Denver, I had the opportunity to lead a discussion on selling meetings management to executives by securing internal buy-in. During the discussion, I was joined by Cvent clients Kiewit and Estée Lauder, who both won Plannie Awards at Cvent CONNECT 2016 for exemplifying success in their event

5 Things to Expect From Your Banquet Event Order

A Banquet Event Order, commonly referred to as a “BEO,” is a document that outlines the details of your event. It serves as a guideline for the hotel to execute and communicate logistics to all necessary hotel departments. The onsite Event or Catering Manager builds the BEO and will typically send it to you for

Power of Insights

Access to Instant Insight Drives Better Attendee Experiences

According to the IBM Global Chief Marketer Officer Study, almost two-thirds of CMOs believe ROI will be the primary measure of their effectiveness. Discover insights that will increase your events’ ROI and effectiveness year-over-year. You have the power to utilize data about attendee engagement, traffic, and feedback to catapult the success of your events. Check

The New Data Gold Mine for Event Marketers [Infographic]

Actionable attendee data is one of the most powerful marketing weapons in an event professional’s arsenal. Data shows you what your guests want from your event and how to improve their future experiences. Tracking the attendee journey produces actionable data for your organization. By measuring attendee movement from registration to post-event, you gain the pieces