[Webinar] Event Website Design 101

Building an event website no longer takes years of coding experience. In fact, it’s easier than ever to build the event website of your dreams. The hard part? Creating a website that not only looks great but is easy to use. In our newest webinar, we’ll show you everything you need to know to build a beautiful,

3 Ways to Stay Healthy at Your Next Event

Picture this, it’s the day of the event you spent eight months planning, 3,000 attendees are about to walk through the door and the whirlwind is about to begin. Then, all of the sudden, your eyes start to sink in and you feel your throat getting scratchy. Then you start to cough. Great. You’re now

Building Value-Based Live Events

Building a Live Event Program that Drives and Proves Value In today’s noisy and crowded marketplace, the top priority for event marketers is to stand out, capture attention and engage target audiences. When it comes to live events, audiences seek valued experiences and takeaways to help justify the time and cost they’ve invested in attending.

4 of the Best Event Names in History

Excuse the superlative, but literally the hardest part of creating anything—whether it’s planning events, world building for a novel, or, yes, blog writing—is coming up with the perfect name. When it comes to the name of your event, you want it to carry the tone of the actual event, as well as give a sense

Business Events in Victoria, British Columbia

Go beyond “bored” rooms in Victoria, British Columbia, a city that’s oceans apart from ordinary. Not all travel is a vacation. In fact, about 40% of all travel is for business. If you travel to meetings or for business, don’t let the “all work and no play” attitude get you down. Set aside some time

Welcome to Peter Street Kitchen

Edwardian Hotels London announces the launch of Peter Street Kitchen restaurant in its Manchester, England, hotel this October. The dynamic new concept skillfully embraces the art of shared dining and is part of a multimillion-pound investment to upgrade the hotel’s ground-floor experience for our guests and meeting delegates. This vibrant new space will spearhead a

Cvent Elite Meetings Alliance

4 Lessons From Cvent’s Elite Meetings Alliance

The sounds of slot machine bells are still ringing in our ears after an amazing Elite Meetings Alliance (EMA) in Atlantic City, New Jersey! Luckily, everyone came out a winner after Cvent’s three-day event, which brought together qualified corporate and association event professionals with leaders in the luxury hotel and hospitality industry. Caesars Entertainment hosted

Gaining a Roundtrip View of the RFP Process

Gigi Gleason at Autodesk and Chays Sayre with Renaissance Lodge at Sonoma teamed up for a Cvent CONNECT session that walked attendees through a “roundtrip view” of the RFP process. The example was a small corporate meeting with Renaissance as one RFP recipient. RFP Process: Planner Steps General Information Specify the type and scope of meeting.