The Right Prescription for HCPs to Attend Medical Meetings

For life sciences companies, attracting Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to their events is a key to success. When choosing the events to attend, HCPs are looking to stay up to date on the latest trends for their specialties, meet with experts or key opinion leaders, and network with colleagues. At Cvent CONNECT, Ashfield Meetings and Event’s

Pasadena’s New Hotel Renovations Offer More Meeting Spaces and Enhanced Amenities

Selecting a destination for meetings is never an easy choice. With so many options available, meeting planners desire locations that are convenient, tech-savvy, and travel-friendly. These factors and many others have made Pasadena an ideal destination to host meetings and events of various sizes, while also offering the best hotel accommodations outside of Los Angeles.


Debunking the Myths Around Strategic Meetings Management

 This blog isn’t intended to be the meeting and event industry version of Snopes, but every once in a while we’ll hear some chatter (repeated time and again)  and realize there are a few myths we may want to dispel. Specifically, around Strategic Meetings Management (SMM). SMM is the evolving practice of applying sound business

meetings management program cost

2 Ways to Estimate Potential Cost Savings of Your Meetings Management Program

My last post mentioned that, for many companies, cost savings is not enough of a driver to secure complete buy-in or get the go-ahead to implement a meetings management program, the question of financial implications will inevitably arise. Before undergoing any business case conversation with your executive team, it is important to at least have a

meetings management technology

Your Meetings Management Program: Implementing Technology

The final piece of the meetings management puzzle is choosing and implementing technology. People often wonder why, even though I work for a technology company, we put this step last. That’s because, like your meetings program, you need to know your goals with technology in order to get the most out of it. And to do

meetings management internal communications

Meetings Management Program Rollout: Internal Communications Guide

By now, we are nearing the end of the processes of “selling” your meetings management. By following the above steps, the initial sale should be complete and you should focus your attention on selling the company to use the program and gain adoption. If executive buy-in is the most difficult piece of implementing a meetings

Meetings Management Planning

Strategic Meetings Management: Developing Your Project Timeline

 Congratulations! If you’ve been keeping up with our biweekly blog series, you’ve put together a business case and received initial approval for your meetings program. Your next step should be to put together a high-level project plan to prep for organization-wide roll out of your new strategic meeting program. Here’s what you should consider: Identify

meetings management business case

Presenting Your Business Case For a Meetings Management Program

Building Your Business Case While your company may not have a culture of writing a formal business case, putting your thoughts in writing can help you to consolidate your thoughts, data, and ideas into a single location. When putting together business cases, some areas to think about: Current Situation/Business Need Objectives Risks Proposed Strategy Justifications

Safety First! Best Practices for Duty of Care in Meetings and Events

One of the topics covered on the final day of Cvent CONNECT was safety surrounding the events industry, and Duty of Care. While most corporate travel programs have established comprehensive Duty of Care programs — generally centered around using a centralized travel management company (TMC) and security expert firms that offer corporate services, such as International