Putting the Fun into Corporate Retreats at Kingsmill Resort

When you think of heading to a resort for a corporate retreat, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t staging a mini-Olympics.

But that’s just what the staff at Kingsmill Resort did for Allstate executives during a team-building retreat. They created a series of competitions including basketball shooting, golf chipping, and their famous amoeba creep relay.

The executives became so caught up in Olympic spirit that they shared around-the-world meals prepared by the Kingsmill kitchen and asked for an Olympic-themed décor during the event. Talk about a team-building success.

A customized, structured team-building event like the Allstate Olympics is just one of the myriad choices available at Kingsmill.

“The first question we ask is what is your objective? What are you trying to accomplish?” says Richard Keurajian, Kingsmill’s vice president for sales and marketing. “At Kingsmill we have a perfect environment to bring people together and spark creative thinking to allow team members to go back to their jobs and be more productive.”

Do you want to have a fun company outing? Have you merged with another company and want to bring people together and find new synergy? Do you want your team to be more productive and communicate better?

There’s an answer to every question in Kingsmill’s endless menu of team-building options for any size group.

Interested in a fun, social outing? There’s the Brew Bus with stops at three craft breweries in the Greater Williamsburg area or the Grape Escape, a winery tour in style by limousine.

Want to build camaraderie with a team competition? Try the nine-hole putting green contest or the marina Olympics featuring kayaking and beach cornhole.

Looking to build corporate spirit and give back? Come together for an event like “Tools for Schools” or “Build a Bike” to benefit the community.

“We want to inspire people to do more when they come to Kingsmill,” Keurajian says. “That’s why they go to a resort instead of a freestanding hotel.

Team building has a wide array of benefits, according to research, from improving morale to developing problem-solving skills to enhancing communication and embracing change.

Two decades ago, team building was 100 people hitting a little ball around a golf course during a tournament. Now, a resort like Kingsmill offers a multitude of possibilities on the property and off. The resort’s Segway tour around the beautiful grounds offers a chance to recharge with the beauty of Mother Nature. A trip to a nearby treetop adventure course is an adrenaline rush. A team chili competition guarantees foodie fun.

If the resort’s menu of options doesn’t have the right match, Keurajian and his team will create a custom event.

“We want to personalize and customize for every organization,” Keurajian says. “What objectives are they are trying to achieve? We will match them with ideas to ensure that their team is working together as best they can and returns to the work force energized to meet the goals of that organization.”

For the Virginia Council of CEOs, Kingsmill’s staff created a nine-hole competition on the putting greens, a sort of mini-golf on grass with obstacles for each hole ranging from rocks and pebbles to tunnels.

The setup allowed both scratch golfers, duffers, and people who had never picked up a club to compete and work together. It was also a chance for people who had been indoors for five hours to get outside.

“When you have people at a conference, it’s good to change the environment and have them do something physical,” says Scot McRoberts, the council’s executive director. “It was an activity that helped people build relationships by the mere fact they’re doing something together.”

For more information, visit kingsmill.com or call 800-832-5665.

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